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How do you deal with this kind of people

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Hey guys! I recently talked to a server seeker. And he told me that he can DDoS any kind of server he want. Is this kind of act should they proud of?  /sob I feel sorry to those server they attack even if it is true.

They can also talk anything they want without solid proof.

Most of these guys are all talk. Besides, if you got on a half-decent RO host you would at least be software DDOS-protected. Investing in hardware DDOS protection shouldn't set you back too much either.

Don't be fooled by him, a lot would say that but how many are serious with it? Some are saying that because that person is jealous of your server because of something or the population you have.

Most of decent hosting company now days already give you a free DDOS Protection...
So i don't think you should be worried to much, just ask your hosting for a precaution..


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