How do you deal with this kind of people

Started by brainnysmurfs, May 19, 2013, 11:07 AM

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Hey guys! I recently talked to a server seeker. And he told me that he can DDoS any kind of server he want. Is this kind of act should they proud of?  /sob I feel sorry to those server they attack even if it is true.


They can also talk anything they want without solid proof.


Most of these guys are all talk. Besides, if you got on a half-decent RO host you would at least be software DDOS-protected. Investing in hardware DDOS protection shouldn't set you back too much either.

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Don't be fooled by him, a lot would say that but how many are serious with it? Some are saying that because that person is jealous of your server because of something or the population you have.


Most of decent hosting company now days already give you a free DDOS Protection...
So i don't think you should be worried to much, just ask your hosting for a precaution..
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Do you mean decent professional hosts or decent ro hosts (if any ...)?

From what I heard, big servers told me free DDOS doesn't protect them at all.  They are also "all talk" and when you need better protection they'll ask for $ or you move.


Quote from: yC on Jun 12, 2013, 05:38 PM
Do you mean decent professional hosts or decent ro hosts (if any ...)?

From what I heard, big servers told me free DDOS doesn't protect them at all.  They are also "all talk" and when you need better protection they'll ask for $ or you move.


They don't really ask for more money, just tell you that you are out of luck. The best part is when you aren't even being ddosed. It's one of the 15 other servers on the same machine.

If you are a new server, don't get high on your horse. Tread ddos waters carefully and don't piss off the wrong people. We have ddos protection, but if someone claims they can ddos my server, I make sure to be polite to them just in case they really can. We don't give into their demands if they ask for them though.

My point is this:
If someone says something along the lines of "hey I can ddos your server if I feel like it."
Bad response: "Well fck you!! I'ma ban your face all the way to your grandma. "
Possible good response: "Must be nice having all that power, hope you don't use it on us :) " - add the frikin smiley it makes everything better

If they make demand then you are left with several choices. But if you give into their demand you might as well shut down your server.

Just my own experience and advice, take it how you will.


Aww Woon, I hope you don't attract all kinds of people come to your server to say "hey I can ddos your server if I feel like it." xD today.

But well yea, if they find a better (more pissing off) target than you the other will probably fall victim faster.


Na, one of the bonuses of having a bigger server is that people like that don't even bother anymore.

Anyway pride is a great thing, but too much of it and we have seen countless times what happens.


 /omg Do people like that still exist? I remember i @nuke them already..  /heh

BTW.. Usually they just talk only.. Because.. For your information.. Real hacker never say they are hacker.. But some hacker do hack if the owner make them angry like "Hackers come hack my server!".. Hahaha.. Base on my experience only.. By the way, like you all said.. Many of hosting company do have anti-Ddos.. So dont worry friend.. Maybe that guy just talk..  /no1


Most of them are all talk, but not all. Last May a person went around servers making demands or he will DDOS them, divinityRO and WoonRO were on the list. He did what he said he would do, and he was very persistent. The s*** ddos offered by RO hosts did nothing. They told us we were out of luck.


So what happens if you do get DDoSed btw?

Is there any precaution we could take to prevent those?


the server i'm on now (vanhildro) just got DDoSed   /sob

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Prepare a DDoS protected server from the start instead of non-ddos protected server. It always works. They claim to be "DDoSing" although all they do is go to some forum and pay a ddos service which sometimes are dumb. Lol


Just be polite to those people, I know there are a few servers out there that gets DDOS and have player count drop drastically, but that's usually because they're a huge server.

I'm not sure why people would actually DDOS for fun, but these people exists, and it's always better to just talk to them, and perhaps find out the reason behind their actions

Polite is the key :)


Tell them to f*** off and get a DDoS protection. That's the way to go.


There are ways to prevent DDoS, First is to get a GOOD HOST, Dont buy from a company that looks suspicious, for example a 4$ per month host and the advertisement says it has DDoS Protection. Its too good to be true, And obviously lying. Second is to block the ports that aren't used.


Reply nicely, and then use that time to gather more information about the player. Also, what to do next, and after the DDoS attack


Learn to secure. If you have basic security knowledge, some d-bag little script kiddie can't compromise your server. If you don't have that capacity, get someone that does to join your team. And get a good host. You get what you paid for after all.

In short: Don't buckle under the threat of some noob and his LOIC. And I know that this topic hasn't been responded to in a minute, but too bad.


Just be polite,

we cant do about this DDOS attackers or These DDOS TOOLS, they are so many on forum, and u can get a low price for it..
unlike ddos protection. it takes thousands of dollars to have :(


You can actually get it free if you know what to do. DDoS is the easiest s*** to do nowadays, real hacks are what pros do, not this kids stuff.


yeah as tripper said don't be scared in DDOS attacks all hosting now a days have ddos protection up to 20gbps but those hackers what can wipe ruined your database, server, back ups, that should you to be scared.


Quote from: Kensei on May 20, 2013, 03:05 AM
They can also talk anything they want without solid proof.

it's people like you who end up dead first

because you act as if everyone is all talk then the time comes where someone talks his walk and f*** you up because you're the one who's all talk

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Don't give yourself bad karma. Chances are if you don't do something to piss somebody off, they won't do anything to piss you off.
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