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How do you deal with this kind of people

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You can actually get it free if you know what to do. DDoS is the easiest s*** to do nowadays, real hacks are what pros do, not this kids stuff.

yeah as tripper said don't be scared in DDOS attacks all hosting now a days have ddos protection up to 20gbps but those hackers what can wipe ruined your database, server, back ups, that should you to be scared.


--- Quote from: Kensei on May 20, 2013, 03:05 am ---They can also talk anything they want without solid proof.

--- End quote ---

it's people like you who end up dead first

because you act as if everyone is all talk then the time comes where someone talks his walk and f*** you up because you're the one who's all talk

Seffi ❤:
Don't give yourself bad karma. Chances are if you don't do something to piss somebody off, they won't do anything to piss you off.


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