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How do you advertise your Server?

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Is this already asked in this category? Anyways, I'm having a bit trouble in finding players to play in my server. Although I always receive good positive feedback on my updates from my loyal players but still I'm lack of players. Btw, my server is 1 month old.

Thanks guys!

This is definitely a tough question to answer with complete accuracy. I can offer some suggestions.

1. Youtube - make a personal video of the server, show off features etc

2. facebook - facebook can be pretty viral, it may generate a few more players when all your loyal players feeds show your server

3. RMS - this website is advertisement itself, providing good feedback and exposure with reviews and listings

4. word of mouth - have people refer others

5. incentives - things that may attract them to your server

6. adding unique features that other servers don't have

Thanks for a quick response. I guess I already did that, maybe my server still young that's why they don't trust me yet. Although number 4 is not in my control, I will just hope my loyal players will share this to their friends.


You can also go to other RO-related forums similar to RMS forums to advertise your server such as rAthena, Hercules, etc. Same with other game websites like ElitePvPers, GamerzPlanet, and so forth. In addition, you can consider voting sites as well.

Stay active on RMS forums! Answer in the Server Seeking section, have staff members help with that (server site in signature), and help others out (follow RMS guidelines :P)~

I can't think of any other ideas at the moment... 3 am~

Oh yeah, NEVER advertise your server on other server.

If others find you, they can report you here and boom, your server will be delisted from RMS


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