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How do you advertise your Server?

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Thanks for your advise guys! Even myself I tell my GMs not to post in other server coz that's disrespect to the owner of the server.

Plus it's probably against the rules of that server /heh

This wall is the one that prevents me from making a server. I cannot figure out how to drive traffic to the site.  Yes, I understand SEO, and I know blackhat experts that can help me well beyond that. So there's really little concern about getting myself a good page rank. But that only helps when somebody blindly goes to Google and starts looking for RO servers. Sure, I could also throw in adwords if I wanted to invest money in building a player base. But that's still the same problem. Ditto Youtube and social media advertisement.

I think the biggest key is hype before launch. If you start out with 5 players online, I don't think you'll ever grow very much. Meanwhile, if you can start with at least 50, it's more a matter of not messing up. However, a new owner hyping a new server seems... challenging at best. Yes, you could promise things like special items only available to people who sign up and play the first two days. But you'd still have to have people's ear. In order to hype, you need time. But that also causes your server to fade from someone's mind.

If I thought I could invest $500-600 and have online players north of 60, I'd be on it tomorrow. Problem is, there's no reliable way that I know of to do this. I've also considered PPI campaigns, but I can't find anyone outside of Russia and former Soviet countries that seem to have success with that.

Most effective are the social networks I would say, if you pay for them.

i also have new server.. Already 2nd Month but player about 20 or below 30.. But we do see some new player around.. For me.. i think we need :

- Creativity : Like make events like double exp or so on..
- Regularly update your forum/website/FB page.. Like me, i always post update there.. To make people know..
- Make video.. This one is kinda hard.. But you can do it.. Like me capture screen and show what best thing of my server..
- Pay for ads.. This one maybe much more effective but need money..  /no1

I hope this can help you~


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