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How do you advertise your Server?

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actually, im new at developing RO.. and i try to developing by myself and myfriend.. and now the server is on 1st week but the players only 5-15.. im very confuse. i saw many servers that have 100+ players in closed beta (1st opening).. how could i do that? i already posted advertises in facebook,forum".. any idea? thanks :) /heh


--- Quote from: crysiscore3 on May 18, 2013, 05:59 pm --- I think the biggest key is hype before launch.
--- End quote ---

This is so true. Initial hype before the launch can immediately determine whether your server will fall into that seemingly never ending plateau of 20-30 players or if your server will plateau at 100-200 players. The initial hype is everything.

Id suggest a strong forum and other advertising methods as was listed above. It is imperative that you keep a live and active forum on the server you are trying to hype. This will motivate prospective players to advertise for you and bring their friends.

An active discord and honestly the world of advertisement is pay to play.  You might want to consider paying for targeted ads.


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