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Started by Kensei, Mar 17, 2011, 03:14 PM

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Okay so let's talk about something different (still about GM though).

In your opinions, how can you tell if a GM is planning something suspicious (such as corruption)?

Provide some good answers so others can be aware <3


Most people will act good and decent until you give them enough power, then they'll do a face heel turn and you won't even see it coming.
Just be cautious if they start asking for more power (certain ingame commands that can be exploited, acess to databases, etc...).

Your best bet is prevention though, just interview people, get a feel for what they're like before giving them any power and regularly monitor your GMs (checking the command logs every once in a while,or possibly checking some players equipments for illegit gear randomly, for example). It also helps if the GMs don't have legit chars or if (s)he wasn't part of a guild on the server before being "promoted" (most servers recruit players for GM positions, which is a bad idea imo).

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Although you say a GM shouldn't play legits, I find that unfair.  Slightly.  I like GMing for servers but I also like to take a break from time to time and just level.  Now, I dont have ingame commands like @item or anything really.  All I can do is Mute.  Haha, and turn into random stuff.  I'm limited on the events I can run and I cannot select my own prizes, they are all pre selected because of the rank I am. 

I am honestly glad I am one of the lower ranking GMs, I dont need @item.  I would much rather hunt for my own stuff. 

But I agree, you should just interview them, try them out.  Let them just be a 'support' GM or something, let them answer questions, see if they are knowledgable.  Honestly I dont think any person should have @item or serious Commands unless its the admin.  But if you have a corrupt Admin, well...then it doesn't really matter I guess.

There is no real way of telling if someone wanting to be a GM, or who is already a GM, is planning to be corrupt or do corrupt things.  Just keep your guard up, if they keep asking for powers or it seems suspicious, it probably is.  o_o;


Yep, for me, if they ask for more power, they're planning on something suspicious. A good admin knows what GM level should be given to certain GM and the GM should feel enough. Asking for more should be followed with good reason. If not, well something fishy there.

Sometimes good interview does not make sure that the person will do good in the future.

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Hence why I said test them out, make them the lowest ranking GM possible and just watch how they act.  Sometimes you could have the nicest GM and as soon as you give them the slightest amount of power they abuse it.  Its hard to trust people nowadays.


Video interview would prevent this if you are a good judge of character... unless it starts turning into Omegle Video chat... >>


I wouldn't want to be video interviewed for a GM pos lol.  Is it common anyway?

Assuming you are the admin asking this question, just log everything your gm do and watch the logs carefully.  They don't become corrupt in one day, there might be times they kill players at the wrong time (no log for this ...) or help friends with hunting/mvping etc before they demand more power to get more corrupt. 


I know a server where "Female" GM recruitment is done by video interview, well I am the cause for that though, but still video interview is just lol.


They demand high GM levels and are always saying how much you can trust him/her.


@ Lucian : well if what you mean is the server I mentioned, they do Video Interview just because they care much about gender xD

tl;dr : no TRAP allowed, but any girls (w/ or w/o experience , but have bewbz) can become a GM via video interview.

and ofc there's a motive behind that <3


There's no reason for a GM to have a "legit" character.  If you're doing your job as a GM, you won't/shouldn't have enough time to actually level or grind for items on a legit. 

As far as corruption goes, get used to it.  At one point or another every GM will participate in some sort of corruption.  What you should focus on as an Admin/head GM is reducing the frequency and severity of corruption on your server.  For instance, @item abuse will lead to much bigger problems than say messing around with @follow or @killable.

Limit the GM level of your GMs and monitor command logs and you shouldn't have any problems.
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Quote from: uncelebrated on Mar 30, 2011, 10:44 PM
There's no reason for a GM to have a "legit" character.  If you're doing your job as a GM, you won't/shouldn't have enough time to actually level or grind for items on a legit. 

So you're saying that GMs can't relax and when they're GMs, they have to devote all their free time to GMing? After school/work and few hours of dealing with trolls and other stuff, people need to relax a bit, and does it matter if it's on RO, playing some other game or something else?


Top answer is as everyone stated : asking for higher command levels. Pretty sure they stop asking once they got their hands on @item mostly.

Possible reasons :
1. Peronal. Always.
2. PvP issues.
3. GM-dating service.
4. Guild Favors.
5. "Flash Me For Customs".

Regarding if they're to have legits or not, I must say they should have one. As long as their legit isn't on the same account as their staff account, and, you're the only one who can alter the SQL (they also need to check SQLs for scenes, but must be unable to change anything there) . Working as a staff and Playing as a legit is different, but since it's entirely a Game, basically they need to steam off and just relax.

A close monitoring is always a must, and asking players about opinions regarding your staff members (can cause dramas and make it sound like a popularity contest). Interviews are mostly "to impress your panel of judges/boss" ; which means expectations are built already or they're too convincing to not do any donkey's behind. But once they have the hands-on Staff work, that's where the real colors start to come alive.


I would have to say if they keep asking for more Levels/Promotions. Then, they start to get a little fishy.

However, if you're an admin, you can make GMs not drop items/trade/mail items till a certain level, but, able to give @item command to a level <w.e gm> so that they can item any item they want, but still can't drop the items.

For myself, I get a little worried when GMs keep asking for promotions/levels (especially constantly).


With what Moon said, this isn't a Sim-Game that you increase your INT to pass tests and get promotions. It's basically like applying for a job IRL. First they take you. You do your job right. You get noticed. You get promotions. You gain new fields and commands. Rinse repeat until you're 2nd in command.

It's hard to trust anyone in the internet even if it's a friend or not. Even "friends" can have hidden wants. The words in applications stating "I enjoy RO, I like helping people, I don't abuse commands" is mostly copy-pasted almost everywhere. Unique ones (that are extremely rare) can have a better chance, but as I said. In-game actions will weigh more than the application.