How can you say that your server has good economy?

Started by landrogamer, Jun 11, 2012, 10:26 AM

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Does it really involve zenies or does it involve more on vending?


Everything is accessible to everybody at a decent price like Orlean's Glove doesn't cost an arm or Diabolus Gear isn't available only to XYZ guild and if others want them they don't have to give like half body for a +0 non-stated piece.


I see...

So is it good if I make the God Items available via quest, but it has a certain availability based on the Server Time?


I would say no. God items screw the server too much so they need to be rare/near impossible to get done[actually, if it was me, I would ask the community for their opinion since this is a delicate thing to touch].

If someone wants one, let them work for the real official quest with the guild since it's already quite a challenge unless you make something different that has near the same level of difficulty. Just don't do it like I've seen on some servers that take like 6 months to do to get just 1 step done and nobody will ever try to make it lol