Why Be A Game Master?

Started by Guest, Dec 20, 2008, 02:02 PM

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Quote from: pr3zs on Jun 28, 2010, 02:03 AM
because they want to help other players and also the server to grow  probably..
That was the case a few years ago.

Now it's all for money, corruption and for the lulz
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I really dislike those "I wan GM" people...it really gets annoying, but other than that i think that people who are well suited for it should be approved...but being a GM is just prolly for POWER or FAME. That's about it...i would suppose...


I have my own shares and kudos for this topic.. (Warning, this a negative report, please do take note)

On my personal experiences and encounters, I noticed majorities of irresponsible players who wants to be Game Masters have these reasons.. (happened, caught, witnessed)

At 1st they'll say "i want 2 help d server" or somewhat similar to that, do some convincing lines; but when you give them the slightest power.. here comes the action.

1. @item
This is a major-issue as always, and also the #1 reasons of all irresponsible GMship. They'd take the items for themselves, or distribute to fellow players, and try to act cool about it.

2. @ban / @mute
Generally a PvP-wise player's happiness for the sake of having power to be able to PvP, and if things doesn't go their way, they can simply suddenly lock their target's account and make up excuses claiming they'll be lying or make false acquisitions.

3. Access to Control Panel's Admin/Staff Sides
The freedom they can get from the Control Panel (able to see IPs, email address, items and stuff related to a player, except password) is a horror itself. Mostly an obsessed player are the ones who abuses this, and is really disturbing once a drama arise.

4. SQL
SQL has done more "good" than "bad"; like a real conversation vs what is posted in forums. But also, the abuse in this side is, let's say, you have access to remove a record, you can simply "clean" yourself of misdeeds. Another is "stalking" on player's private conversations (the temptations can be endless).

5. Brag Rights / Abuse
This is generally a disturbing issue; most GMs uses their authority to threaten players towards what they can do to you. Or simply be rather stupid and always give a reason "coz im a gm" crap. These generally ruins a server reputation quickly.

6. Personal Reasons
Whichever they say, it can be pretty much what I've said on top. Otherwise, it'll be rather misleading and creepy to hire someone who's all mysterious and weird talking right?

This concludes my negative report. I can do a positive report as well, but lack of time~ May this be a warning to aware players or present Staff members.

-kdone :D-


The whole thing with the GM got rather bored with me. Word of advice, keep a close eye on Event Game masters and "Police" Game master.

Both those titles aren't really needed nor legit. I believe there should be only support GMs, and they are incharge of helping people (80%) and doing events (20%).

I enjoy being a developer because I can see people admire my work when it gets implemented.
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Just for the sake of claiming souls. I need to collect more souls >8C


I do suppose for the sake of helping out too... A lil bit.
In all honesty. I do like to help out. If I like a server, what better way to help keeping the server alive than joining the staff team? Support people with their issues, help them to solve their problems and work together with the rest of the staff to keep the server a fun and enjoyable place to play our favorite game.
Of course, there are the rotten apples who make you want to slam your head against a wall and at times wonder why you ever thought about becoming a GM. But then, a little bit later, you realize you're not doing it for them, but for the people who are actually grateful, who reply to you with a "Thanks GM, you rock!" or tell the head admin "You made a good choice recruiting this one. He's really nice and helpful!"
So in the end.. Yeah. Just helping out in general. Keeping the server you like going strong.

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Personally for me it is neither of those things.
I enjoy helping people, plain and simple. I know quite a bit about RO and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of it.
I also enjoy hosting events and creating a fun environment for the players.


for me, it's about helping a server to progress with matching fame, but power? hell no.
and of course it's very annoying to see players asking you to death that they want to be a GM specially when the position does not fit with them.