how'd you feel about becoming a GM or co-admin?

Started by ceautryce, Sep 13, 2010, 02:58 PM

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what yall felt when you become a GM or co-admin? Cause what i felt is like im giving it all to the players.. i mean its more like for the player and not for yourself.. should it always be that way or should i just do what the job is? like making events cause you have to or just do whatever you like?


The main reason why there are GM's in a server is to support the server in a non-self profitable way other than the healthy growth of the server. I feel that if someone were to simply want to become a GM simply for their own gain, then there really isn't much of a point, as... well... that being one of the key reasons for corruption (which is a bad thing). xD

I feel good about working as a GM of a server, because I not only get to help out the server, I also have fun doing it as well.


I originally became a GM because I liked coding and I liked RO and it seemed like a natural fit to develop for private servers.

Now, things are different. When I became a GM on EarlyRO, it was in a desperate attempt to save a doomed server. I was hoping years of experience in the field would help the owner stem the tide, but it was fruitless. Now, I am looking to open my own server so that I can share my vision of when RO was at it's best with my players.


being hired or promoted to such high level gm will make you feel real good. specially when you dedicated your life to that server. and you would be proud to yourself. because after the works you have done, there's a good thing came.