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Started by Benfi, Nov 13, 2009, 06:29 PM

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...implement 3rd classes?

Seriously, why? Are you so desperate for players that you do anything that screws up the gameplay just to get some players on your server?

3rd classes are not done yet and are not supposed to be played without Renewal game mechanics.

If you want players to feel strong, why not just give them Ahura Mazdahs? It's basically the same thing, no?

So yeah, apart from being desperate for players, what other reasons do servers have to implement 3rd classes? Is it to bring something "new" to the gameplay? Are you not able to come up with something unique on your own? Tell me, please.


Well, you pretty much hit the nail right on the head.

It's for server owners who are "player-hungry"... thinking that saying "3rd classes implemented!!' will bring in tons of players. Even though the 3rd classes aren't even close to finished.

If ANYTHING, why not implement just the 3rd class sprites?

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Well, for SHRs and HRs I kinda understand it... they are unbalanced as they are, but mid-rates and heck, even low-rates? And the scary thing is, people are actually buying it.


While I agree that they are very much too unbalanced right now, and not near complete I can still understand
why some servers adds these in. It's for the same reason we see gamebreaking custom's on many servers.

I too joined servers like these for a while to get to try them out on a early stage, and I enjoyed it for a bit.
I dont find the 3rd classes being there any worse then the large chunk of servers who have godlike items
up on their donation lists.


Sure, Renewal and 3rd classes seem interesting, fun to play and such but its not worth it for me to play on a server with 3rd classes and RE though.

HOWEVER, 3CeAM really did a good job on making the mod *almost* working (Speaking of 3rd classes).



It's actually a challenge for servers to implement the Renewal system + the 3rd Jobs.
If they pulled it off nicely, then it's a good thing to boast about.

We can't always be too dependent of eAthena always.
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Quote from: orix1357 on Dec 13, 2009, 08:16 PM
It's actually a challenge for servers to implement the Renewal system + the 3rd Jobs.
If they pulled it off nicely, then it's a good thing to boast about.

We can't always be too dependent of eAthena always.

I agree with you.
Sadly, most of the servers that have 3rd jobs, have only a couple of them. Why? Because some devs released only a couple of them on eA.

And so you killed yourself,
but you killed everyone else around you too.


Don't you guys think that the Third Jobs are too much over powerful? I mean while MVP-ing with a 3rd Class character the MVP is dead in one or two spells.

The most OP thing are:  New Poisons of Glitch. Cross, HeI/Comet/Crim of Warlock (rest I dint test them)

Once the enemy is affected a great amount of damage continues to damage the enemy regardless the caster is dead or even loggedoff ! Equipped with these sort of things MvPs are very vulnerable against the 3rd Jobs.


It's because 3rd jobs are NOT yet done. Remember, it's renewal phase. Anything can be done/edit by the developers (independent or official) if they feel that something is imbalance. Besides, eA still didn't have most of the renewal mechanics that aegis has, where lot of things is being edit for the incoming 3rd jobs to be balanced.

eA + 3rd Jobs = HELL

nuff said.


Since I have not played as a third class character I can not justify either side with my own opinion. However what I do believe is that the "desperate for players" opinion is a little bias and quite over stated. Many like myself who haven't played probably thinks it might be cool to have it on the server that we play. And judging by the power of an admin when it comes to coding/scripting, nerfing skills and such of a class should not be an impossible task.


There's a wide variety of reasons for using 3rd classes, be it due to sheer curiosity, genuine interest, trying to be cool, etc. The real question to ask is why servers advertise them as a selling feature when the majority of servers running the 3rd classes are all using the exact same, 3ceAm mod.
For the love of god, people, stop posting topics about recruiting staff on this forum, or indeed any forum. If you really feel the need to publicize the fact you're incapable of running your own server, and as such, must rely on someone you know nothing about as a crutch, be prepared to deal with the consequences, as people who go deliberately looking for GM positions are most likely as dumb as the inept server owner in question, if not moreso.

People offering paid services may or may not be screwing you over, depending on the product. Web designers? There's quite a good few out there; many take time to do their work, and charge quite a bit as a result. Just be sure you're not getting someone elses' website, rebranded for quick cash. If you hire someone to do things such as install customs for you, give up running a server. You're wasting time and letting someone take advantage of your stupidity.

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Like Kore said:

3rd classes are STILL undergoing major class balance on Officials. That means whatever you play on p.servers now might be totally irrelevant to what they are like in the future.

RE itself is also not 100% done yet.

With that, there really isn't a point having 3rd classes, IF your judgement is also based on the accuracy of said 3rd jobs.
Quote from: Jeon on Jun 04, 2009, 12:02 PM
XileRo is the only HR I know that has a reasonable PvP system. I did watch the RWC like you said, all I see is people spamming the room like every other gang fight there is in RO.


On the point of view that Admins think about what players want:
RO has been here for very long now, maybe too long, even. That said, it's been a long while since anything this extensive has been introduced, maybe since the implementation of transcendent classes. Thus, some players (like myself) want to have a taste of what's coming, to deviate from the usual things you play RO for. It's like... a "custom" that you know will be implemented (eventually) in all official servers, and (later still) in majority of private servers, so you can prepare yourself on what's coming. And even if it's gamebreaking to implement third classes, well... the admins of those servers made their choice and surely they know all about the risks of doing so.


A lot of my players didn't want the actual skills of 3rd class due to inbal and just wanted the looks.  So I updated to the custom eA SVN and just created disguise items where players used them as cards on headgears to appear as a 3rd class. 

I also tried my self the different skills of 3rd class.  And I've got to agree with everyone else, they're crazily inbal.  However a few of my friends played a mid-rate server called EssenceRO or something and they said their 3rd class is pretty balanced out so I'm not sure.  According to my friends they have almost all the skills of 3rd class including ones not released by eA.

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