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Started by Guest, Jan 18, 2008, 01:03 AM

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True JJJ, But what can you do? most people take the Event GM position because they have limited ragnarok experience/knowledge...
So they can't bothe support and hold events~


Some take the position because people see them and kiss their donkey to get brownie points.


Lol you guys forgot us Rule Enforcer GMs. D:  ...I feel left out. Anyways I would say 9 or so GMs for about 1k+ players.


That would be a support GM.


Minimum 1 or 2, maximum 5? (as far as "main" GM's) + Maximum of 5 sub-GM's? 

The real goal of the question is to model a good standardized number of GM's, which isn't a good thing to focus on if you solely count on that to be successful.

The truth is, there is no magic number ratio.  It's all based on GM competence, time, and owner preference.


What I don't get is why you keep mentioning the "Behind the scenes GM's". If you don't work out in public and NEED a GM position, then you shouldn't have one, simple as that. A scripter don't need a GM position, A spriter don't need a GM position, a Mapper don't need a GM position. What they need is a test server to see if things work. Ok at the most the Scripter might need a GM account if the server dosn't have a seperate SQL based test server (and s/he dosn't feel like setting one up on his/her own computer) to test scripts. But then honestly to work efficiently said scripter would need admin access to the server itself to be able to work efficiently with their scripts, and thats extremly rare.

All those behind the scenes jobs are a development team and at the most needs a forum area to themselfs, a forum rank, and if the forum is in need of constant moderating they could also have mod powers. But honestly thats all a developer need.

And in my opinion thats where alot of servers go wrong, they give GM powers to pepole and positions that don't need them. Really the only GM positions needed ingame are Admin (Well not always needed but you can't get away from that one, can you? XD), Player Support and/or Event GM's and Bot-Hunters, and you MIGHT want a head-gm that is pretty much in charge of keeping the Player support, Event GM's and Bot-hunters in check and teach them what they need to know, this would also be the person pepole contact if they've had any problems with any other GM's.

But seriously, a Game Master on a Private Server usually is someone who works with the players, why would someone who works with the game need a Game Master position?


No but sometimes a scripter or w.e would need use of @reloadscript,@reloaditemdb, etc.
and for order for them to test how whatever they made works ingame would need a GM level.


Depends on GM activity and inactivity I think, I try to keep my server with GM online as close as to 24/7, and event being host in equal amount for both side of the equator.


GMs per population? No. 1 administrator, 2 co-admins, 1 website manager,




I'm worth a thousand GM's.  ::)

So as to the ration, for ValiantRO, i decided it would be 2 GM's for A hundred player. But that's still to be discussed.
The Greatest Server is in preparation phase :
Setting the standard so high the other servers will look like noob stuff. ;)


Quote from: Rehael on Jun 17, 2008, 09:32 AM
I'm worth a thousand GM's.  ::)

So as to the ration, for ValiantRO, i decided it would be 2 GM's for A hundred player. But that's still to be discussed.
That would be so risky.. make sure their commands are limited...


Yea, for small population 3 GMs, an admin with 2 sub-GMs, is good.....but for larger population more will be needed.

It really all depends on how active the GMs are, because its really great if you can have at least one GM online most of the time. GMs on SocialRO try to keep it like that. We have 2 GMs from Australia and 2 GMs from the US so usually there will be at least one GM online to answer questions, do events, or police/moniter everything.


Quote from: Zone on Feb 05, 2008, 06:30 PM
That would be a support GM.
Support GM and rule enforcer GM are different imo.


Quote from: MrrgleCaek on Jan 22, 2008, 11:32 AM
Quote from: Acrued on Jan 22, 2008, 08:36 AM

Behind the scenes = Unlimited.
Simply because a server can never get too much help for scripting, hexing clients, compiling GRFs, creating patch updates and the list goes on...
Never is a server too small a task to handle xD

Man I'd hate to be the guy who'd be specially assigned to be the grf compiler GM though >;
"so uh, what kind of GM are you? Spriter? Scripter?"
"No wai man, I r a  Grf Compiler GM"
"omg, rly? What do you do?"
"Well when they need me, I compress a grf for the server"
"....really? That's it?"
"...yeah, it is"
Sorry bout that, I just found the thought of a server giving someone a complete new position like that was kinda funny...unless I misunderstood what you meant >_<;. Nevermind, off to school I go D:

im missing the part
"and why are you a GM then?"
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Scripter's - Depending on how good they are, simply enough scripters to get stuff made fast :D
Forum moderators - Need alot of them imo, delete spam as soon as it hits etc
Maybe 1-2 event GM's regardless of population.
Enough rule enforcing GM's to have atleast 1 on 24/7, to eliminate bots the second they are found etc

Either way, majorly depends how active the GM's are i would prefer having a GM online constantly to deal with any situations before they get out of hand.