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Started by Guest, Jan 18, 2008, 01:03 AM

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That would be a support GM.
Support GM and rule enforcer GM are different imo.
They should be doing the same job.
If someone asks a rule enforcement GM a question, they shouldn't ignore, therefore they should act as support.  If a support GM sees someone breaking rules, they become rule enforcement.  You can have interns who act as support but you shouldn't have staff with powers who don't act as support when it is required of them.

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I don't think of GM hiring as a ratio thing really unless it's not an international type. wish should be maybe 3:50 rate

For instance on ones that have members all over the world for example YmirRO which has members in america even though it's in Austrailia there should be GM's for timezones like a few for when it's daytime in america and a couple for daytime in austrailia and one for every other majorly populated timezone. or something like that
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Back when I was the staff on BunnehRO Extreme, it was about fifteen people with staff peak of 4-5 GM's + the already 3 admins lol.  The plus side of this though was we were so active we got straight tens on the GM part :P

Admins: how ever many there needs to be

Head GM: one of course, to monitor other GM's, help people, maybe script.

Scripter GM's: one or two(behind the scenes)

Support GM: atleast 2, 3 per every 50 population.

Event GM: 2, one for 2 quarters of the day, and one for the other 2.

Police:  and least 4 for a 100 pop server(behind the scenes workers, as in @whogm doesnt affect them, they always are in hide)

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3 Support GMs for every 50 population is way to much, that means over 5% of your population are GMs. LOL It should be a mininum of 3 support GMs going up 1 for every 100 population tops.


I think that depends mostly on the activity of the GMs.
If there are some GMs who are 10h online per day, you don't need that many.
Roughly 1 per 100 players i'd say.