Viewing of GM commands.

Started by SolTempesta, Sep 07, 2012, 04:56 AM

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I am new here so hi. Lol.

I am currently planning on starting a new server. I am worried about corruption of GMs so here I am at RMS forums because this is the best forum to go to involving these matters.

My question is: When a character on a GM account is deleted, will the commands still be reviewed or will the log of the commands he/she made be erased from the log?
Thanks in advance.
Sorry for any inconveniences this post made.


Hello Sol,

Welcome to the rms community;

And yes, everything will be recorded inside your command log even his/her characters are deleted.


Yes, your logs will remain, and you can see the actions they've taken.

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Spend some time reading how the logging process works will help a lot in the long run.  Either it's in rA or eA. 

Choose what you want to log, don't log everything.  I don't think the files rotate by itself so over time they can get very big if you don't do anything to them.