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Giving Extra Rewards For Voting In A Server

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Bryan Earl Spilner:
Hi guys.

I am one of the staff of a high rate server I am currently playing. I went here to ask directly about something that bugs me that I think I still unsure about the real answer.

I am aware of the no rewards to be given upon reviewing a server. I agree to that.

But how about giving extra rewards upon voting a server on the gamesites such as RO Top 100 or something beside giving vote tokens in-game for vote item rewards? Is it allowed?

I wanna clarify this for future references.

Thank you.

Coochy coochy coo:
I think its allowed, long as its not a review. Besides its you who'll give rewards etc, if you think voting is that worth why not?

Bryan Earl Spilner:
Not that.

If you re-read what I asked, I already said the voting items, yeah it's allowed. But aside from that, the other ones, like zeny or extra points without using vote coins / tokens.

I really wanna know how about that.

I think as long as its not ratemyserver that they're voting on

I would prefer to check each topsites rules regarding that.

Like RMS that not allowed to give any rewards to reviewer, I guess each topsites also had similiar rule.


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