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Started by Kaleidoscope, May 10, 2015, 10:56 AM

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Hey everyone!

I am the head Gm of --let's call it a server--. We started a few weeks ago and we are having trouble picking up players. If anyone has some suggestions that would be great!

Im not in charge of the website or forums. But i can pass along the information and discuss with the admins.

Ive heard of forums that can be helpful. Does anyone have a list of those?

Thanks again, hoping to get my community growing!

~GM Kaleidoscope


I can't provide any lists as desires of GM's/Admins vary but advertising depends on what kind of population you want.

Mainly, and probably the most popular is RMS of course. Get someone to handle the RMS account of your server to reply to the "Server Seeking" threads. Facebook helps believe it or not. Emulator forums (rAthena/Hercules) And voting sites.

I have seen servers flourish without spending a dime on advertisement but paid advertisement always helps.

And the most important part: (an old RO friend of mine told me)
"You can have 50 new players come in everyday from advertising, but the thing is, can you make them stay?"


Quote from: Godfather on May 11, 2015, 01:36 AM
"You can have 50 new players come in everyday from advertising, but the thing is, can you make them stay?"

So true, keep that in mind.
We are a Pre-Renewal Midrate. Looking for the most
scene in Pvp, Mvp, and Hunting!

Grand Opening this July 15th!


Spam what you can, wherever you can honestly. Advertising pre-launch is generally the way to go, as most players don't like to come late into a server and see that everyone else is farmed as hell and have everything locked down.

RMS, Facebook groups, Votesites, etc. Word of mouth is another strong one, tell your new players to invite their friends, and those friends of friends, etc.

After that, give people a reason to want to play more, a reason to stay and farm and dominate. PvP/WoE can only do so much for a person after a time.