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Started by Mewi, Apr 05, 2010, 01:47 PM

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Banned of course  :)
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If the player was already in the process of quitting and was just out to be a **** by hanging around to cause trouble in game I would just go for the the straightforward approach of the permaban.
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It should go something like this:

Player - HI GM!
GM - *Perma IP ban*

Have a nice day!
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I like how you think.


should have sanctions like:
excessive talking/messaging using @main
*1st attempt- 1 hour mute
*2nd -6 hours
*3rd - 12 hours or maybe just ban him/her


Well, a player in the process of quitting wants to troll because he'll leave the server anyway. I believe it doesn't matter what sanction should be meted out but I agree with all other people. Doing 3-4 steps of punishments o/


My server dont have found this kind of player yet.. But just noob player keep asking to leveling him.. I dont mind leveling him with @spawn monster.. But what make me mad is he ask me to leveling till him level 99? So.. my action is just leave him be.. I just help till he change job into 2nd class only..

And for this case.. My suggestion is :

1- Give warning Nicely.
2- Give Warning..
3- Temp Mute..
4- Jail
5- Temp Ban
6- Perm Ban..


I would start with a warning.
1. Mute for 30 minutes
2. Mute for 12 Hours
3. Ban for a day
4. Ban for a week
5. Perm Ban