GM Compensation?

Started by morishka, Jul 06, 2007, 10:57 AM

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You should never expect any sort of compensation or "pay" for being a GM... it's voluntary work... >_> I personally do it cause I love hunting down bots and hearing their sad little excuses while trying to make up false proof... that and I love to help Ning lol. (LRO Owner)

Tears of Blood

Compensation should not be expected, in my mind. However, if you are the owner of the server and you want to share your profits with your staff, feel free.

Personally, I may just share some of the donation profits with my other GMs, if I ever get any donations. Hahah.


o.o i don't think you should be making ANY profit off your server......

and i think by compensation they mean in game stuff?

Tears of Blood

Hey, you provide a service for people. Usually a free service, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money off of it, especially if there is little to spend it on that relates to the server.

Take me for example. I host the server on my own using a physical server running out of my closet because the noise generated from it keeps me awake at night. It was just laying around from a past project. It came with enough RAM to have as many players as I want. (So far, anyhow.) I don't pay for my high-speed Internet connection. I have not payed a dime nor a penny for my server as of yet. I also haven't received any donations, but if I were to receieve some, they would first go to things like better RAM for the server so I could have even more players.

Of course with donations, your server takes priority. However, is it really so bad to accept the extra money as long as you tell them that that's what you're gonna' do ahead of time? As I said before, you provide a service. You deserve something for that.

You could argue that you're taking Gravity's money, but in reality, that claim has little merit. Think about it. Those players don't want to give money to gravity, that's one of the biggest reasons for playing Private Servers! Not only that, but these are donations which legally means that you aren't actually receiving money FOR the service, it's a gift. Which is why buying items via donation is so popular, I suppose. A gift for a gift.

And, lastly, the topic said GM Compensation. I figured I was free to discuss all forms of it. Do I think GMs should get in-game items? Absolutely not! The game is meant to be played. There is no reason you should be getting in-game items for anything in my mind. Play the game, that's how it's meant to be.


Basically, no. GMs should not be given compensation for what they do. Everyone who volunteers for the position of a game master should be well aware that there's no prize for doing your job. In all honesty, players could consider it cheating if the GMs got items or zeny just because they are on the staff. Not only is it unfair, but it could easily cause a lot of corruption among the GM teams. That's basically a GM giving themselves items with the permission of the admin. of the server, which is kind of horrible.

As it goes with donation money, and getting money put directly in your pocket for doing work, that could also be considered corruption. If the players are well aware that you or the staff members are profiting off of their donation money, then I guess that's a different story, but I know of plenty of servers that take people's donations without their permission and fills their own pockets up with that money. (That's usually what becomes of servers with unholy priced donations.)

The job of a game master is purely voluntary, and as long as the players aren't forced to pay for accounts (like the original RO), game masters should not be paid for the things they do. If people in staff positions disagree with that, well, I could honestly say that they aren't really there just to help.

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