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Started by NeoPhoenix, Jun 28, 2007, 05:52 AM

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A lot of these people have pretty much already summed it up, so I might be repeating some of what's already been said, but this is my opinion:

You should never go off of how other GMs do it, nor should you ask someone else about how they think a good GM is. Like someone said already, asking the administrator of the server directly what they want out of their staff is the best way to go about judging how you should act. Once you know what the administrator wishes out of his staff, you can start from there. Every GM makes mistakes, they're human just like the players, and you just need to go with the flow. You should also observe the community once you become a GM. Get to know the players personally (thought it's understandable that you can't get to know all of them).

A lot of people say that the roll of a GM should always be professional, no matter what. I disagree. When it comes to problems, yes, you should be as professional as possible about it, and always be as nice as possible, but not everyone likes a GM that is always in /professionalmode. It's always okay to let loose and just chat with the players every now and again.

Also, a tip for GMing is, master multi-tasking. XD! Whenever I'm on my GM, I keep my PMs set to the pop-up, so that I won't miss any questions, and it's a lot easier to keep track of what's being said to you.

Lastly, a key to good GMing is using common sense, like everything else. :3

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talking and spending time with the community is a big plus. its always something i did lots of. even if the other gms hated the fact that i was never in @hide.

hosting small lil events like db spawns and such go a long way with your relationship with the community.