Admins, GMs, etc. playing on a RO server

Started by MrrgleCaek, Dec 20, 2007, 07:35 PM

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I tried to play my own server as a normal character, but I didn't like it.  :P
Thing is... (even if you don't, atleast, you shoudn't) you know that you're able to get everything on your GM-Account, so why wasting time for a legit character while you can use that time to improve your server?  :)

RO should be challenging, entertaining, competive.
And as Administrator/Game Master it's hard (maybe even impossible) to get that feeling on your own server.


Never had any problems playing on the server and neither have the other GMs. Of course, we're all professional enough to not mix our GM and normal accounts.

What's the point in setting up the perfect server (according to our ideals), and not playing on it? It's like working hard to build (and pay for) the most amazing house, and then not live in it.

In the same way it would be a waste to soil it with corruption.


It's like making an amazing house and letting other people use it lol.

I think I posted here already btw~ so I'll say that the opinion changes.  Sometimes you don't want to have a legit, sometimes you want to have a legit.
If you have a legit no one knows who is, and thinks is a normal person, then it's kind of more okay.  If everyone knows who your legit is then in woe they go "GM HAX I REPORT" and other things <.<.


Quote from: SilverStream~ on Jun 28, 2009, 06:50 AM
If you have a legit no one knows who is, and thinks is a normal person, then it's kind of more okay.  If everyone knows who your legit is then in woe they go "GM HAX I REPORT" and other things <.<.

It's like having an open relationship or being a playa' !  /ho

Yuufa xD!

In my opinion, it depends on the level of commands that they have. I they get @blevel or @jlevel, @item, or anything that would bonus a player in any way, I don't let them to play on 'legit' accounts. Usually when you hit this level of GM you've got sick of RO and just want to sit there and chat and help out the community anyways.
But if its just an event GM just give them headgear or whatever your server uses once a week or something and make them keep a log of what hat was given out when and to who.
This way there isn't any corruption and if a headgear of item is out of place then there's consequences to be payed. :]


That can be solved by not allowing your GMs to have those commands in the first place.



yes. a level 40 GM account will prevent GMs from dropping items, modifying their stats, using storage, checking/buying vended items etc. Althought there is a small loophole where a GM can dual log, use @hide with maximum agi and dex and hit lock mvps while his legit char is also hitting it. I dont know if the mvp will teleport because of this, if it doesnt, then too bad.

On Topic:

Legit accounts are okay, but bear in mind that you will have extra burden as far as preserving you credibility especially if the server populace knows that it is you who owns those characters.


On Post Topic- I think its fine to have a legit char, I mean, we created it, why cant we play it? Just a thought. I use a legit char to lure out spammers/scammers/botters out of their holes, and before they know it, ~Poof~! Banned. But I'm forced to re-make a accucount per ban so they don't tell the community I'm the Owner/Admin of the server.

Ready to help, anytime.

All players I use have an X. (e.g.- SisiX)
Use that to find me.


If players know a GM or Admin have a "legit" they always shout out Corruption when you pwn them in the face. Hell I had a "GM" account that couldnt trade items, couldnt @item the only time I got on it was to handle bugs or to reloadscripts/restart the server and somehow I was giving out items to my friends, Admin even checked logs and nothing in there about me giving anyone items, yet the player base still said i was corrupt. So if a Staff member is to have legits dont make it public who you are unless your ready to be bashed. Though if they do know who you are dont be good at your class/RO heaven forbid a GM actually know classes/builds and all.
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  Will the donors complain? maybe, but they aren't what run my network, I run it, and so does my blood and sweat.


In higher ranks of GM Levels (Chief GM, Administrators), the only reason I see okay to have a legit is to check if players can use a command, warp to a map,etc.


I would be fine with the GMs having legit chars so long as there are logs made and carefully reviewed by the upper levels of the team, admin, head GM, etc.

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There are a few issues with this...

1) If a GM or Admin has a legit account, you have to make sure that the community is aware of it and they are alright with it. This is probably directed towards little servers [less than 50 people]. I myself had a legit account first before I had a GM. It wouldn't make sense if they just blocked my legit account when I was GM. Plus, all I ever did on my legit account was sit around on it, so no one really accused me of cheating. But since I was on a small server, the GMs that were there were trusted by the community and nearly 80% of the GMs that stayed were already integrated into the community before they had GMs. There were a few times when one of the staff was there since the beginning and we all love him. But he had a really good LK that was nearly impossible to kill. Since everyone knew that he was a GM, they accused him for cheating and playing on his GM. I assured them that he wasn't on his account [since you can check by using either @whogm and @who and check the level] and all the veterans knew that it was his regular account.

2) If the GM is brand new to the server, a lot of Admins have it so that GM:60 and under have an anti-cheat system, like they can't drop items, can't store anything, dont have any #commands, etc.

3) Sometimes it is necessary to have a legit account, like for testing things and such. Sometimes GMs pull from the players and have them assist them, but the GMs borrow people that they know and trust not to cheat with. Like there was one time when I wanted to test something and it involved having all +10 gears and such, and I trusted them not to go off and mess with it or whatever, even if they run off with it I could always #delitem and not go off using them again. Another reason is if you are testing the server and you want to test it out yourself before you go out and do the real thing. It doesn't really count as a "legit" account because the server is gonna wipe anyway before the opening, but you get the idea.

4) It's fun. I'm sure that all admins just want to program and mess with the server, but wouldn't you want to test your creation?

5) Another thing that I have done in the past is to list off all my legit accounts just in case they think that I am lying when that is my GM account. What I have done is have all my legit characters sound alike [have -cera at the end] and have just one character on my GM account [Tiawyn] and have maybe a few testers [Cera Test, etc]