Admins, GMs, etc. playing on a RO server

Started by MrrgleCaek, Dec 20, 2007, 07:35 PM

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Really, it is only drama when someone starts making false accusations without proof.


It varies from person to person. I keep legits all the time and never had to cheat once. I'm always out there with the rest of my friends breaking branches, hunting cards and whatnot. It's not for power being the reason I play RO. I just wanna have a good time - I mean I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything but I don't suck at the game - I know I'm going to have a good character when I play one. I've been in charge of RO servers for so long that I have a feeling that I don't have to prove anything anymore. When I think about it, I could say it's because I could easily do what I wanted with my characters that I don't do anything with my characters.

But hey, like I said, it varies from person to person. Not everyone is so trustworthy. I've seen it happen with my fellow admins on other servers. I've removed many GMs that way, though it seems more like a phase than anything since I remember when I used to be like that as well.

Just my 2 cents.

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GMs have every right to enjoy their own server.

Sure, it'll cause drama. If you're so afraid of it, then don't create the legit account. Now, if you're a sensible GM, who doesn't cheat, then you should realize... YOU ARE THE GM!

*Gasp from the audience*

As long as you've got a truly legit character, taking s*** from idiotic players will just cause you more drama. If you catch a player spreading lies about you, just punish them. Don't give them a chance to cause a big ruckus about it. A RO server is not a democracy. You are in charge. Now, this doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to your players and be complacent, but just realize that you don't need to take crap from your players.


If it's my server, I have a right to play it too right? I made it the way I wanted it, opened it to others to let them try it and let it grow and merge with other player's suggestions. So isnt it only fair that I can enjoy the same things everyone else does if I ever get free time? I mean, seriously, how else are we gonna find exploits or bugs if we don't play too. Not everyone reports those things but everyone complains or uses it to their advantage.

Is it bad to be a GM, have a legit character and WoE on that legit? And everyone here has had those dumbasses who think they're the best in pvp/woe, but in reality they suck. If people find out that you're a GM and WoEing and actually being good at your class, those same people start corruption rumors or say that you haxed some items/levels for your LEGIT. There's a reason why it's called a legit.
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I belive players should trust the Admin(Main owner) at least for them to not be corrupted, if not or if the admin IS corrupted, people shouldn't play there.

I have my own legit character in my server, everyone know its me, I don't broadcast telling everyone, but I don't keep it a secret either. If asked I answered, and the players seem to have no problems with it. They just like to gang/kill me all the time =(

Though I believe Admin can never be a real player in their server, unless some one else is incharge of the server.


*speaking of an owner who doesn't want to ruin his/her own server*
Even if the administrator(s) take their characters seriously, it means that they just *want to taste his/her own server's features* or blend in with his/her players as a normal character, there's totally nothing wrong about it because it's human rights to use your own property/belongings.

But when speaking of other GMs having a legitimate character, well that's a different case... It depends all in all.

For me, legits are legal characters w/c has its items made out of the game effort(the player side),
a GM with a legit character for me has its purposes : simply a test character for bugs, or a spy. Anything else like getting items w/c is not part of the spying/bug testing can be considered corruption/or please indicate the right term here.

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I have a legit, I believe its important towards the servers growth.
1. Balance. No better way to see what is over and underpowered in your server other than experiencing it for yourself.
2. Staff hunting, its easy to lie on a application, I believe just watching over players on your legit will find better GMs, they can't fake there personality constantly.


One thing about certain servers is; when a game master doesn't have a legit character, some of the players automatically assume the the GMs have no right in any say of certain things. (i.e. PvP, WoE) I've had this happen to me a couple of times due to the fact I either didn't do them that often, and was on my legit more often than naught.

Also, this kind of goes along with GM privacy. As been stated here already, some players harass GMs when they know about a legit character, or even pick on GMs when they choose to play on a legit character. I personally think it's a lot better to keep any legit characters under wraps, or at least don't talk about it openly on the GM.

And, as most of us know, a bigger issue with GMs that play on legit characters as well, is that that temptation kicks in for a lot of people, and causes corruption. However, I know of a lot of staff members on a lot of servers that do resist that temptation, and are very well behaved when it comes to the powers entrusted to them on a GM.

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80% on GMs not having a legit, 20% on the other option.

Based on the former servers that I've played on, it's a major.. thing that can lead into dramas and stuff. I'm contented right now on the current server that I'm playing on since the Admin doesn't allow his GMs to have legits. And oh, I'm a GM too in this server. ;)


I never understood this whole 'debate'. If you can't trust your Admin to fire corrupt GMs, find another server. On the server I play, I make sure that every new person knows my GM name as well as how to find me when I'm on my legits. [All of my chars have lavender sprites. /ok] If you don't want to be 'bothered' when you're in-game, don't bother being a GM. I've seen this on a high-rate server I was on once, A GM was asked a question, logged off her GM account and onto her legit and stated 'I'm not on the clock right now, go ask someone else.' Personally, I wouldn't want a GM that didn't have a legit.


actually thats a good point, if you trust someone enough to make them a GM shouldn't you trust them enough to have a legit?


I trust everyone on the intarweb. That's how I lost $8000 and my server.

No, I'm rather disappointed when I see GMs with legit characters.  No matter how much I trust them, there will always, always, be a little glimpse of suspicion.
I expect the GMs to be dedicated, they should be allowed to have fun and all, but as a GM, they shouldn't be ruining the fun for others which they would if they appeared to have a legit character.

The admin would fail under the role of being dedicated if they had a legit character.  They would be considered as an admin who wants to play a server that they know they have the power to do anything in my eyes.  But yes, they can play their own server, but I don't expect them to be big winners.

Seriously, go find another server to play with a legit char, not the one where you're a GM. It's one or the other, not both.

If you trust someone enough to be a GM, you could trust that they will not have a legit character in the server.

That's the way I look at it.


Bumping this, because this topic interests me. :x

If someone is suspicious of a GM aiding a legit, this is easily solved by reducing the GM level or taking away commands like @item. This is how it is on my server - only the admin and developers have the @item command, and the admin watches logs like a HAWK. The second you do something questionable, you are spoken to about it. You are removed immediately if you're abusing your power. If you are close with your GM team, and watch logs, I don't think it should be an issue. :x A GM could hand things out to his or her friends just as easily as they can aid their legit, why is their legit any more of a concern. @_@

I find it pretty unfair to ask a GM not to have a legit on the server they help manage. I started playing at my server a few months back, and I was approached with an offer to be on staff - does that mean I should give up the legit I spent months working on? No. Not if hell froze over. I was doing the same things as a player that I do as a GM - helping people along, trying to troubleshoot errors. The only real difference is that my name and speech are yellow, and I can recall people and spawn things for events. If I was told to delete the characters I spent ages working on in order to obtain a staff position, I would have turned it down. And if all the people who GMed on my server had no legits, I can guarantee you the playerbase would hate them. XD Having legits is how you bond with the community, imo.

A co-staff member once said this to me (paraphrased):
"I stay on my legit most times because that's where I can be most effective. As a GM, I can't hand out items or leech people; that would be abuse. On my legit, I can hunt items, give out money where needed, etc. As a player I can do more for people in some respects than I can as a GM."


Quote from: JJJ on Aug 12, 2008, 06:21 PM
actually thats a good point, if you trust someone enough to make them a GM shouldn't you trust them enough to have a legit?

Trust is one thing,  trusting they wont abuse is another,  I say do not trust that they wont as there are to many people who will, and I have yet to GM on a server where there was never a corrupt GM, with exception of 1, but I was the ONLY active GM *sticks tongue out*.   GM/admin/dev in power.   You can respect them, give them liberty and see if they abuse it,  but the moment you place trust over duty and


The one thing i have seen done that reallyu seemed to work is a GM NPC guild.  Basically, the GM's made a guild of all their legits, then told everyone, this is the GM's guild.  They never went into WOE (except a few extreme situations where one guild was idiots).  Instead, they used theri guild to run PVP events, "can you beat the admins" kind of things.  Occasionally, they would lead dungeon raids into particularly hard dungeons, to encourage people to go there.  It actually worked out really, really well, because they could not be corrupt cause everyone knew it was them. 
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