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Started by Experience, Feb 28, 2009, 09:31 PM

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I'm Chaos, the owner of Experience RO server.
I'm here just to inform my friends owners of other servers, about some GM experience I had in my server, I asked to yC, where I could post it, and she said to me, this place is the one wheres it fit better.

My intention is not to make a ranter circle or a flame post, so, Ill just post one GM and Ill show proofs of what I'm talking about, if you guys think it's a good idea to prevent others to hire those "GMs", do the same here. I don't think it need replys or anything else, its just to knowledgement, and maybe it become a reference before owners hire someone to be GM.

Also, let me ask sorry for my bad english. I hope you all be able to understand it. ^_^

CASE SUBJECT: Shiftragon
Full name:Michael Fernandes Rodrigues (F.R).
Position(s) desired:Event GM,Police GM(Bot Hunter) Or Support GM.
Email address:[email protected]
Time Zone-Area:GMT -05:00 Canada And United States.

DATE: 02/27/2009


Recently, I was trying to bring new life to my server, so I started to hire new GMs. I have a hard politic about hire new GMs, so all GMs to be, have a trial period of 30 days, not less. In this time, they all receive GM LVL 60, with restrictions. Some ppl can say its is not necessary, but Ill show to you all, it IS.

I have received 24 resumes from ppl wanting to be a GM in my server, one of those was this guy Michael. I made one interview with him, and he sound ok to be in trial. So I inserted him on trial system. Also I inserted more 10 GMs to be.

Its ok, all them was working nice.
Till last friday, when one of my GMs to be, made his first event (a cool event btw). During this event, the Shiftragoon (in server he choose the name "BlackRose") just said in his GM account in the map of event: This event is stupid. I was in hide mode, since I'm GM LVL 100, others GMs can't detect me in hide, so I was there following the event and I was able to see it.

I haven't said anything, but ok.
So, when the other GM was making the event, he (BlackRose), just started to summon Maya Purples in GM HQ and kill all with @killmonsters and when the GM was making event, you was able to see: "??? won Maya Purple's Maya Purple Card (chance: 0.40%)"

After the event ended. I have a GM Group in MSN, so all GMs talk there, the GM who mad ethe event, complained to me, that the BlackRose was interrupting the event and all.

I agreed, of course it was totally true, and so the BlackRose and the event GM started to "fight".
After some time talking with both, I muted both in game, and talked with both on chat, so they agreed to forget everything and ok.

For me the "case" was over.
So I went to bed, was my sleep time.

When I wokeup, the first thing I normally do is check server, check forum, site, etc. So I did. When I loged on server I saw warps around all pronter (@addwarp). So players aren't able to stay in any place.

After it I restarted server and checked forum, so I found the follow on GMs private section:

The server needs restarted to get rid of all of the extra portals. BlackRose apparently thought it would be funny that, after you left, he would log onto the server via his GM account and ransack everything. After the quarrel that Frost and BR had, I thought things calmed down when BR wasn't responding with immature remarks to Frost. When BR said on msn "Hey log onto the server and look at the new decorations." I logged in and seen the entire map of Prontera filled with Baphomets.

After I killed the bapho's in TC I was disconnected by server, at first thinking this to be an error because of the baphomets.
So I warped to Morroc to stop the error where I was disconnected again. This is when I realized BlackRose was kicking me from the server. Knowing this I logged in and immediatly kicked him. Then I baned him for 1 hour so I had time to adjust everything. Thinking he might come back in an hour, I blocked him from the server. I'm sorry for blocking him without permission but I seen him as a danger to the server and I played the hand that was dealt to me. I quickly undid the gvg, pvp, and baphomets in Prontera, however I was unable to do anything about the warps located by TC. These warps lead to Louyang, and I tried many things to correct this issue. Apparently he didnt think to make a portal for newby spawns or kafra spawns, thankfully they spawn in a diffrent location. He only made a portal where GM's spawn with @go 0. I made a portal directly above this for anyone who dies so they would be teleported to prontera 156 180.
Sorry I acted without consulting you but this was after you had logged off. BlackRose said over msn he was quitting the trial and moving to a diffrent server and this is why he did this.

After read that, I just opened the MySQL Querry Browser and deleted the BlackRose GM and Legit account.

Also I checked all log of events and in fact the BlackRose @ 23:00 summoned not less than 50 Baphos on Prontera and turned it PVP and GVG field. (main city of server)

I checked all others transactions and events log and I saw theres none major damage than that. So the simple restart of server was able to solve everything (thats why GM LVL 60 for GMs to be is a best option).

And now, I'm here to advice all of you, my server owners friends, about this person.

I really DO NOT recommend him in any way.

He is childshi, he don't have ANY maturity or ANY requeriments to be a GM.

So, even if you are in one deadend and are looking for a GM, don't choose him. In the first moment, he will abuse of GM powers and will find a way to make your server have problems.

As I said before, I'm not asking for replys, this post is more one type of advice.
The damages could be a lot higher in server if this guy had more powers and if I had none other GM with atitude and maturity to deal with this troublemaker.

Thats all I have to say.

Thank you a lot for read. ^_^



Wowwwww. I KNEW something was up with that kid.

And now people, we learned a valuable lesson.

People that spam copy & paste resumes are bound to be corrupt.


[ To BlackRose ] : You know, When you want to watch
[ To BlackRose ] : You shouldn't just Pop up in front of someone's Event
[ To BlackRose ] : There is a Reason why we have the Hide command
[ Member BlackRose ] : your event only had layla and ryu in it so whats the difference?
[ To BlackRose ] : That's not the point, Do you realize how rude it is to Jump into
[ To BlackRose ] : Someone else's event?
[ To BlackRose ] : Do you think I would jump into YOUR FIRST EVENT and start making      
[ To BlackRose ] : Rude Comments
[ Member BlackRose ] : i dont make events
[ Member BlackRose ] : and wow me appearing in your event
[ Member BlackRose ] : bothers you?
[ Member BlackRose ] : i think your just being a immature baby
[ To BlackRose ] : I am not being an Immature baby, Your being a Egocentric Jackass
[ Member BlackRose ] : i dont care about what im being i care about your being
[ Member BlackRose ] : whining cause i appeared in your event
[ Member BlackRose ] : how dramatic
[ To BlackRose ] : You jumped in and made negative comments towards my event
[ To BlackRose ] : You still don't get it, That is not your job
[ To BlackRose ] : I did not invite you to jump into my event, You jumped in.
[ To BlackRose ] : when your not suppose to, Why do you think Chaos and Mania
[ To BlackRose ] : were on their Legit accounts?
[ To BlackRose ] : THINK
[ Member BlackRose ] : cause they wanted to win
[ Member BlackRose ] : BUT WHO CARES IF I JUMPED IN you dont understand that
[ To BlackRose ] : NOOOO!!!!!! Black!!!
oshyin : hi
[ Member BlackRose ] : your being a god darn emo baby
[ To BlackRose ] : You can Join my event, But jumping in on your GM account
[ To BlackRose ] : Thats Disrespect
Frost : Hello!
[ Member BlackRose ] : wow oh getting on my GM and folowing people
[ To BlackRose ] : And making Negative comments about my already crapped up event
[ Member BlackRose ] : thats like reeeeeally disrespectful isnt it
[ To BlackRose ] : Yes it is, It's you finally build a Custom....Car or bike or whatever
[ Member BlackRose ] : dont feel forced to make an event  think before making one
[ Member BlackRose ] : or it will just fail
[ To BlackRose ] : It Brakes down in the middle of the road, and I come by and Say
Chat Filter: Yeah, uh, I don't think so buddy...
[ To BlackRose ] : HAHAHA THAT SUXS
[ To BlackRose ] : I do not need this from Your rodent IQ, I was not forced
[ Member BlackRose ] : you just want to be GM so bad you do events any kind of events
[ Member BlackRose ] : thats just sad stop kissing ases and beurself
[ To BlackRose ] : I enjoyed that event, But Your the one that never learn to keep
[ To BlackRose ] : his big mouth shut
[ Member BlackRose ] : yeah im sure everyone enjoyed the event
[ Member BlackRose ] : searching for some1 and then you get a shi.ty def 3 garment
[ To BlackRose ] : No they didn't because It did not turn out as I anticpated
[ To BlackRose ] : Hmmm?
[ Member BlackRose ] : they didnt cause you rushed trying an event
[ To BlackRose ] : I never rushed
[ To BlackRose ] : I told them about the Event
[ Member BlackRose ] : make a basic hide and seek event or any other basic ones
[ To BlackRose ] : and Announce it Wed and Thurs
[ Member BlackRose ] : but you dont have any experience at eventGM
[ Member BlackRose ] : so you made a custom event for 4 players...
[ Member BlackRose ] : why are you applying to be a GM when you have NO experience at it
[ Member BlackRose ] : go learn like the rest of us did
[ To BlackRose ] : And how did you learn? may I ask?
[ Member BlackRose ] : and then im the one with the dumb IQ?
[ Member BlackRose ] : i experienced it myself and played RO offline
[ To BlackRose ] : That's Stupid
[ Member BlackRose ] : YOUR stupid my friend
oshyin : hurm
oshyin : nk g skg?
[ To BlackRose ] : You do things without thinking, My prize I have been contemplating for
[ To BlackRose ] : weeks
Chat Filter: Yeah, uh, I don't think so buddy...
Neku : mane bagus~?
[ Member BlackRose ] : get the hell off this server and go learn
[ To BlackRose ] : it is not shi.\tty
Neku : h.orc?
[ Member BlackRose ] : yeah wow a garment 3 defenced
[ Member BlackRose ] : thats the best prize ever for a 25min hard worked event
[ To BlackRose ] : I am Learning, I'm learning to cope with childish and brainless staffs
[ Member BlackRose ] : and i repeat
[ To BlackRose ] : and low population
[ Member BlackRose ] : get the hell off this server and go learn
[ Member BlackRose ] : brainless staff?
[ To BlackRose ] : and I shall repeat my self, I am learning.
[ To BlackRose ] : Yes you
[ Member BlackRose ] : why i dont make a custom event for 4 players ^^
[ To BlackRose ] : what?
[ Member BlackRose ] : yeah well you better learn the DUMB mistake you made today
[ To BlackRose ] : Yeah, I did and I'm planning on fixing Him
Shift : are you guys afk??
[ Member BlackRose ] : dont say im brainless if your even dumber
Frost : No just talking with BlackRose
Shift : ahhh
[ To BlackRose ] : There is no level below Brainless, So I cannot be "Dumber"
BlackRose : this immature baby keeps pming me about emo girly stuff
Shift : lmao
BlackRose : learn to pass on AND stop crying
BlackRose : hes crying cause i JUMPED in his event
Frost : Learn to think before you act
Frost : and made Rude comments I did not need
Shift : why do u guys fight?
BlackRose : yeah thats a good start for you mister custom event for 4 players
BlackRose : DUMB DUMB and DUMBER
Frost : Because BR never Learns to do things in Secret
Shift : we need to learn how to work with others u know
BlackRose : wow i was in the house and following people
Frost : Decretion was a main part of a Game-Master's Job
BlackRose : how EVIL of me!
Frost : Your not evil BR, You just brainless
BlackRose : rofl you got any other insults?
Frost : Yes, It takes a Genius to be evil..
BlackRose : youve been saying that for like 20 mins?
Frost : which you do not qualify
BlackRose : dude jus get off my face and go learn
Shift : guys settle it down
Frost : I am learning, and I do not need you to tell me so.
Shift : If so u guys fight like this being GM later on will be more stressing
BlackRose : your stupiidity and  no insults is making me even DUMBE
Shift : than this
BlackRose : DUMBER*
BlackRose : this dumb noob doesnt know how to be event GM
Frost : Your grammical errors and spelling is giving me a headache
BlackRose : hes not gonna be accepted go learn
BlackRose : stop smart talking and go find insults you N3rd
Frost : I am learning, this is part of my learning experience.
Frost : I am not talking, I'm typing
Shift : grammar doesnt really matter u guys and spelligs as log as we type
Shift : stuff that players uderstand its cool
BlackRose : yeah you dont have to try to be a n3rd
BlackRose : and spell check every word you type
Shift : anyways still it isnt nice to be rude to someone that might be
BlackRose : frost just stop embarasing yourself and logoff forever
Shift : one of the team member of the guild cause u might need his help and u
Shift : wont get it
BlackRose : forget it the dumb no experience is out of insults
BlackRose : you lose just logoff and dont show urself to my face
Frost : Apparently someone doesn't know who is embarrassing who.
Frost : I am talking to Mania, explaining my reasons for the prize.
Shift : guys Im not taking any sides but both of you need to stop
Shift : cause
Frost : Shift Please do not get in the way of this, Your a good guy, don't get
Frost : caught in this fight
Frost : If I can't get him to be reasonable, I will take him down with me.
Frost : I will not let this guy kill what Good is left of this server
Shift : I know I am I look both sides and thats part of why I can handle GM
Shift : positions
Shift : I have handle harder stuff and I want everyone just to enjoy here
Shift : no fighting cmon u guys
BlackRose : apparently the only bad thing in this server
BlackRose : is you frost
Frost : Then please, talk to mania or chaos, Br is not going to be reasonable
BlackRose : you have no experience no intelligence
BlackRose : im only saying what is truth
BlackRose : but your crying cause im being "mean"
BlackRose : stop crying and learn to grow with it
BlackRose : you little immature kid
Frost : Please don't mis-conscrew my words, I never said you were mean.
BlackRose : you look like a poor emo kid learned his momma died
Frost : I said you were disrepectful to me today.
Frost : Don't get family matters into this BlackRose, unless you want to see.
Frost : What I look like when I am angry
BlackRose : your angry and emo and crying right now
BlackRose : ive seen enought of you i just wanna suicide right now
BlackRose : seriously
BlackRose : i cant stand near your white emo char im afraid
Frost : Your so un-professional you went into Racism
Frost : If your going to insult me, do it without insulting nationalities...
Shift : wow u guys
Shift : settle this out cause I see Chaos wont like this
BlackRose : OMFG ROFL
Frost : Shift I told you, If I can't reason with BR, I will take him down with
BlackRose : im not racist
Frost : me
BlackRose : i was talking about your CHARACTER
BlackRose : and im white you...
BlackRose : wow really you need a brain
Frost : Just by reading this you know he's going to be a handful in the future
BlackRose : seriously
BlackRose : eww you take me down? id get infected im afraid
BlackRose : your a guy and crying like a emo girl
BlackRose : grow BALLS
Frost : What's to be afraid of? You already have aids
Shift : My net disconnected
BlackRose : uhmm was that supposed to be funny
Shift : d^_^b
BlackRose : i only see myself puking right now
Frost : Good, that means your dying.
Frost : Or somethings internally wrong with you, either way that's a benefit
Frost : to humanity.
Shift : well you guys u need to fix this and not be kids fighting Ima brb I
Shift : I have a date
BlackRose : wow your so dumb you couldnt figure that was a way of speaking
Guildsman Shift has disconnected.
Frost : Good Luck Shift
BlackRose : yeah hes offline you blind? sigh obviously
Frost : Don't you mean Metaphor?
BlackRose : dude shut up seriously
Frost : If I'm blind, your losing to a Blind guy.
BlackRose : rofl
BlackRose : im losing?
BlackRose : im not the 1 crying and being emo like you now am i
Frost : Yes, I am not rejecting this arguement with "Shut up"
BlackRose : oopsy owned X<3
Frost : I am Continuing to try to reason with your Brainless self
BlackRose : lol brainless again? you have no insults
BlackRose : might as well go search some
BlackRose : your emo personality makes me wanna kick your a.ss badly
BlackRose : im a bad a.ss your a fat a.ss live with it die with it
Frost : I don't have anymore insults because that is the only thing that
Frost : describes you.
Frost : I won't start throwing out random insults like you in an attempt to
Frost : "hurt me"
Frost : I don't know you other than your mental abilities, So I have no right
BlackRose : lol dont talk if its sh.it thats gonna come out seriously
Frost : to Insult you in any way
BlackRose : lol if you know me mentally
BlackRose : then you know that im kicking your a.ss badly right now
Frost : and Intellecutally
BlackRose : and u need to go get daddy help
Frost : Do not Get my MotherFing family involved you prick
BlackRose : aww is emo kid getting mad?
BlackRose : grow some balls kid
Frost : Your existence is worthless here and unwanted
Frost : why did you apply? We all know you have no intellectual superiority
BlackRose : i have experience not like you
Frost : Yeah, Playing by yourself
BlackRose : i have intelligence not like you
BlackRose : i have maturity not like you
Frost : Lol that's funny
BlackRose : and many more reasons you see were 2 different people
Frost : Maturity? what does insulting my family have with maturity?
BlackRose : your a n3rd fag and im a bad a.ss
Frost : it just shows how much of a loser you are.
BlackRose : you have to grow balls and get a life
Frost : Your a Wanna-be Chiolo
BlackRose : you even said your family f*cks mothers lol
Frost : yeah, your mother
You have been placed in jail by a GM.
Chaos : Ok.. Talk over

My prize was a Heavenly Maiden robe[1]
I got it because it was a rather hard item to get and it was wearable by all class(except novice) which meant it never discriminate anyone. BlackRose suggested a Muffler[1].

Our Conversation, you can clearly see how mature he is. I finally blew a fuse when you talked about my family the second time.
Oh look! Something to occupy myself while I leave you alone to your own stupidity!


Damn, those kind of people are still on RO.  Just make sure you can fix the damage that the guy have done to your server, thanks god he wasn't able to do serious damage on  the server, like script-wise or something like that.

Also Kozua, wasn't that already learned? :P

EDIT: Pressed enter in the middle of the message >:


a bit confused:

how can level 60 GM kick level 100 GM? I thought lower level GM can't do anything to higher level GM?

*Thank You very much for Azurene*

The world is getting more and more broken everyday...

The truth about me
I am 17 ;D


Quote from: Littlechan on Mar 01, 2009, 01:37 AM
a bit confused:

how can level 60 GM kick level 100 GM? I thought lower level GM can't do anything to higher level GM?

Frost isn't a lvl 100 if I've gathered this correctly. He's a level 60.


Given his godawful resume, who'd hire him anyway?

50% his fault for being an idiot, but you also have to take 50% responsibility for making a terrible recruiting choice. Should be more careful when hiring a prospective GM in future - out of 100 applications, I'll generally take on two new staff members at most (sometimes not even two). There's a reason for this.


Quote from: Kozua Nekiem on Mar 01, 2009, 01:41 AM
Quote from: Littlechan on Mar 01, 2009, 01:37 AM
a bit confused:

how can level 60 GM kick level 100 GM? I thought lower level GM can't do anything to higher level GM?

Frost isn't a lvl 100 if I've gathered this correctly. He's a level 60.

my bad, I thought it was Chaos who get kicked repeatedly >_<

*Thank You very much for Azurene*

The world is getting more and more broken everyday...

The truth about me
I am 17 ;D

Dean Stark

Whoa, just when i thought that l2p's were just in between players, here comes an a$$ thinking he's Mr. perfect or something. So damn disappointing... -________-


Well people can act all goody two shoes in resumes just so they can get power. But I'm sure that their real faces show up soon enough, just like this guy.


Yeah, be sure to watch your servers.

Quote from: BlackRosei wish all you **** \good luck in being GM to this B.S server with Noone on it which has no hope but i am moving GM to another server

Quote from: BlackRosei will own you cut you and kill you

Quote from: BlackRosei have tons of servers wanting me as their GMs

Oh dear lord, please, I beg of you, don't be one of the server that are hiring him.


A person's true colours usually come out when given a position of power.

Just like this genius. Hopefully, this thread remains here and should probably be given as much attention as possible so other Admins learn from this mistake. Thankfully, it doesn't sound as costly as it could have been and they got rid of the mongoloid before he caused any more(serious) damage.


He told me he wanted to be a bot hunter for the server. I have a feeling that he would probably be the first bot on the server.