Triple Monitor Setup Problems

Started by nellyboi, Mar 19, 2013, 06:20 AM

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I can't run my RO on my laptop now that I have a triple monitor set up.

I could run it before. But when I added another monitor on my existing dual monitor set up using a USB external graphics adapter, it stopped working after I restarted. Below is a screenshot of the error I get.

I have no idea what it means. I've already DL'd the full client from the website. But when I try to click 'Start' on the ebRO log in page, I get the error.

Can any tech-savvy peeps help me out? Thanks.


Ok, I found something wrong when trying to access the set up. It doesn't show the graphics card and monitors as an option.

Below is my current display settings. Monitors 1 & 2 are the same, using #2 as my main display. Then, I added a smaller monitor 3 to be my dedicated monitor for my outlook.

All my other applications run smoothly on triple monitor. I was just wondering weather Ragnarok is incompatible to run on a triple monitor set up. If so, that's a bummer, since I am on the way of upgrading my video card on my desktop to be able to support a triple monitor set up. I've also got the latest graphics driver from Intel and also running directX 11.

Does anybody use a triple monitor set up and play Ragnarok? I really could appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

P.S.: Oh, and just to be clear, I don't use full screen when I play RO.



RO is made based on DirectX7 so it's made based on an old version of Direct3D.
It doesn't really matter if you've Directx11 or not, it will always run based on the specs from DirectX7 which rule the game max resolution, colours and many more things.

If I remember it right, the DirectX7's Direct3D supports a resolution screen of 1920x1080/16 bits/dual monitor at max.


Uhmm.. so sir, are you saying I should download DirectX7 instead...? Or that with the triple monitor set up that I have, I can never run RO?

I'd really appreciate it if you can tell me the best thing to do.  /help



What I said is, no matter what you use, you can't use nothing higher then the max that Direct3D from DirectX7 has to offer because RO won't work with it.

tl;dr version - If you want to play RO just deactivate your 3rd monitor to play.