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Started by Fiera, Jun 08, 2009, 09:01 PM

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(I hope this is the right place to put this...)
Okay, so, I used to try a lot of different private servers for RO, but until recently I stopped playing. Today I wanted to try playing again but wanted a different server than the ones I've downloaded before. I downloaded EuphRO's client and when I tried playing, on the server select (the box that comes up before the login box) the only option is Mastela. Mastela's another server that I played at one point, so I thought maybe if I uninstalled it then it would fix the problem. So I uninstalled it but it still says Mastela when trying to play EuphRO. When I select it anyways and login it says it failed to connect.

Has anyone else had this problem? I can't figure it out. Sakray is working fine, because I can play the official free iRO server Valkyrie without any problems (except a sprite error that happens sometimes - which some others seem to be getting - that I think is from the anniversary event). So it can't be sakray or anything like that.


if you have a data folder, rename it.

when you install euphRO, did you overwrite duplicated files in the RO directory?


There's a data folder. What should I rename it to?

I think I overwrited older files with the newer files from EuphRO's installer, though I'm not positive about that.


You have one of your older server's GRF somewhere. Find it, and destroy. Or if you still play there, just put it somewhere else.


Okay, I found the grf of all the other servers and deleted them, but it's still showing the wrong server. The only grf files left on my computer are euphd.grf (the one for the server I'm trying to play, I guess), extras.grf, fdata.grf, event.grf, data.grf, palettes.grf and sdata.grf.



back to answer the first question.  Just rename the data folder to anything but 'data' ... try rename it to 'lemon' if you are out of idea.


What yc said, you probably have the file sclientinfo in your data folder and most client will read a data folder before reading any grf so it connects to that other server, so rename the data folder to anything and it should work.
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Did you run the .exe file of the EuhpRO?

I think it has something to do with that..