Windows ME?

Started by InnerSolace, Mar 24, 2010, 11:31 AM

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Hello... I know that Windows ME is a very old OS, and is unsupported by almost everything nowadays, but I have been trying so hard to find a good RO server that still works on it. I used to go to ebRO, but that one got too recent and now it doesn't work on my OS anymore...

I'm hoping that someone on here will know of a server that could work on my computer. I don't care what the rates are, whether they're low, mid, high, super high, I don't care. I just wanna play RO, and that's that.

Also, please don't reply with "Just get a new computer," because that's kind of impossible at the current time.

Thank you to whoever replies.


Maybe there are some tricks that you need to make it work in Win Me.

Moving to RO support.


I don't know if there'd be any tricks...considering how old the OS is. But if there are, that'd be great. Maybe someone here will have a suggestion or two...


ME? The best advice I can give you is throw your PC out the window or update your OS. Badly.


Depending on the hardware specs, you could probably stand to upgrade to *at most* Windows XP. I had a rickety old comp I used to play RO on back in the day that ran Windows XP. And we're talking like...450 Mhz P3 on that thing. Surprised RO didn't kill it.


Please disregard this post. I was able to find a way to get a new computer...


You should still throw it out of the window.


Anything is possible, with the lowest graphics.

Start by setting it incompatibility mode for starters that way you can get around.

Right click->Properties->Compatibility.

Or you know what? Just install Windows XP. Windows XP doesn't require PIMPED up specs to run. Ive seen psp's run linux and XP. so im pretty sure you can do the same. As for the OS. Torrent if you have to. Not recommending it but its optional. Or just stick with Fedora or Unbuntu