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Started by shlak, Apr 13, 2013, 11:24 PM

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Hi everyone!

I'm new here and I'm having difficulties in installing RO in my computer. i tried installing different servers already but the same thing always happens. after the game gets fully patched only a tiny window opens that should be the log-in window. ill attach a picture for everyone to see..


Try this:
Run Setup.exe and set a new window size (IE: 1280x800).
Edit dinput.ini with Notepad and scroll down till:
; Override RO window position and size.
; Ignored if WindowWidth = 0 or WindowHeight = 0.
; Command line switch: -wX,Y,Width,Height
WindowPosX = 0
WindowPosY = 0
WindowWidth = 1280
WindowHeight = 800

Insert 1280 and 800 manually.

PS :
1280x800 is what I use. Feel free to fill the field with what you likes much. And personally/honestly, you should have asked in your pserver forum for support.


^ Not wanting to be bad and stuff buuuut read the pinned topics :( They really help a ton!