This latest KRO updated 06May2013

Started by OnNplay, May 06, 2013, 11:24 PM

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This KRO is updated up to 6th May 2013.

MD5: 33d7bbe034f90fe32a08c8fa83e485a8
Size: 2058MB
Password: not available /no1

Updater included:
1. rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe
2. rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe


Thanks, this is nice to have but I don't think many players will be making use of it since not many servers are updated/etc.


Hopefully I help some player to get a straight forward link and resumable.


What do you mean by "Password: not available" ?

I wouldn't download it to see what is that mean, I could un-approve the topic if there is no answer.


Hopefully I'm not talk using complicated English. At first my link wiped away by Tiper (Moderator) because of using password, now to extract the archive is no password required.


Your previous archive had, as a password, a url of a website that provided hosting services which is indirected advertising[as I said through PM] so I couldn't just let that pass, obviously ... If the password was something as potato, it would be fine, that one wasn't. There is a Paid Section to advertise such services.


The bandwidth for this is sponsored by the service. Just a credit.


Bandwidth isn't exactly an expensive thing these days. Toss it up on AWS and it's $10 per 100 downloads of this file. You might have gotten enough donations to cover that if you were up front about it.


I'm not talking about cheap or expensive. Are you (Meta) try to promote some kind of service in my topic?
I am sorry if allocating a credit is not allowed in this forum.


He's talking about AWS - Amazon Web Service. That thing is a bit expensive tbh but considering that you actually get a good download speed[I've been downloading files from there at 2 MB/s avg] it's a bit ok.[/offtopic]

Quote from: OnNplay on May 08, 2013, 12:32 PM
I am sorry if allocating a credit is not allowed in this forum.
The problem here isn't the credit, it's more of what the credit in here means. That credit was a way to advertise an host with RO Server plans for people who may wish to have a rathena/eathena server and that made the post break the rules. Services as such, are to be posted at the paid section and nothing more so, when you post it that way, it was a way to advertise a service without having to rely on a full post on another section.


Oh sorry again if coincidentally the service causing them do not have any right for credit.
Any way potato nice to eat.