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Started by Bryan Earl Spilner, Mar 13, 2017, 08:22 AM

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Bryan Earl Spilner

So I encounter this.

I recently DL-ed this low-rate RO and playing it already, but at the same time, plays a high-rate RO. My only problem is that this RO (high-rate) got Gepard Shield, and everytime I play the new one, or simply say playing both ROs at the same time, Gepard blocks the other (low-rate), rendering it not playable on my PC.

In short, it blocks even the new one I DLed and I can't play both at the same time (since I also need to be on the old one due to my status).

I wonder if there are solutions to avoid this problem. It really is annoying and I wanna play peacefully without Gepard blocking the new RO I DLed.


The serer that have gepard is got a window limit most likely that is why its not allowing to open both windows.