ive been trying to download this...

Started by andilaw123, Mar 07, 2008, 11:25 PM

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Its been months now that ive always wanted to play this game..ragnarok private server i mean...but then, i cant seem to download it properly...for the ff. reasons: 1.) Our download speed is so freakin slow... like it wod take forever to download something.. 2.) I wish to download this by using any internet download manager or something for faster downloading time...like gigaget or something like that...but then, it doesnt seem to work...and lastly...3.) Im not really sure what link shod I click...because when I tried to open several links that wod lead me to the downloading page like Filefront..no item ever existed...so please help me...I desperately wanna play this game...thnx


use torrents they can resume the download


for filefront, like for example this one:


u just scroll down to RAG_SETUP1213.part1.rar and RAG_SETUP1213.part2.rar click on its link then on the next page u can see the download now button, click on it to download ... it look like this