Ragnarok Really has error

Started by jesbern, Sep 29, 2012, 06:56 PM

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when i turn on my computer. it pop up something
"Unable or failed to start" then it runs the system repair.

it happen on me last time when i tried to install RO private server.
then it pop up. after that i ignore it and continue what im doing.
but then my computer did not work anymore i have to reformat it because it failed to start

now i notice after the system repair and log on to my computer, when i look to the ragnarok files,
most of the files are missing specially .dll and .exe. maybe because the system repaired it and found it as an errors
when you run an anti virus and repair your system thats usually happen. it will remove the file that causes error on computer.

don't know what to do i really want to play RO

btw im using windows 7.


Do you still remember the private server you were trying to play on?


didnt play yet. but i install myRO .. then delete it but i still have a folder where i have the sakray then the error in my computer happen but when it repair it most of the file are gone in sakray folder.. i name the folder sakray where i put the extracted file


Sakray .. that's some old stuff.

Where did you get the client?