Ragnarok Freeze When Alt Tab

Started by greenteabun, Mar 14, 2010, 05:16 AM

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Hey guys any1 know how to fix this? i re installed ragnarok like 5 times, still wont fix problem.
When ever i alt tab in and out of my ragnarok/comp freezes for like 5 seconds, kinda annoying since i wana play and msn/ surf web at the same time :P
My comp spec:
nvidia 9800GT video card
4g Ram
C Drive: 80/300G Free Space
D Drive: 100/450G Free space



you use alt tab .. you use full screen?  I think the time depend on the computer. 

You don't have to use full screen that way you can use the window key to get in and out faster.


nope i dont use full screen i use 800x600, just my mouse cant get out of RO so  i alt tab out


Quote from: greenteabun on Mar 18, 2010, 05:39 AM
nope i dont use full screen i use 800x600, just my mouse cant get out of RO so  i alt tab out
You can use dinput.dll, mouse freedom.. just place it in the root of your RO folder.



ah thanx, still freezes when clicking in and out of ro =/


I guess you are using Vista, w/ no full screen, try to full screen your RO then you can alt Tab w/o Freeze.




Do you have the correct render in Setup.exe?


start using full screen.
some of the players at lumina had this problem when dual clienting and using full screen solved the problem for them.
hope this helps!


3 words


I don't know why people play RO in full screen, Its not like some epic movie your going to see pop out in 3D, Get mouse freedom, Set a nice resolution and your good to go. Why suffer full screen. Its because RO runs of D3D and not DirectX, hence it will try to cache and reload everything. In most cases if it cant immediately obtain the data. You get the awesome BSOD, Black screen of death this time.


Three words.

Use Time Machines.

That way, you can go back in time to two months ago and help the person when they actually had the problem.


Sorry, Apparently, I wasn't aware of RMS forums till lately?

But least its answered.