Started by traps100, Aug 21, 2012, 01:08 AM

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guys, i need your help, im new here, and  i just installed full client RO, but when i entering the game only this picture appear,

WHAT should i do?


This topic actually belongs to the RO Client Support thread.

Anyhow, try using setup.exe to configure your window size after you are fully patched. (Always worked for me when I had this problem.) If that doesn't work try downloading ROExt and change your window size with it.



Moved topic to the correct section.


It's the first topic of this section and it's even pinned ...


Try opening the setup of Ragnarok and click on OK. It may be that the registry for the window size is not correct.

Tente abrir o setup do Ragnarok e clicar em OK. Pode ser que o registro referente ao tamanho da janela não esteja correto.


im very sorry for the mistake because this is the first time i write something in this forum.but, i have changed the windows screen at setup, but nothing happen.

btw, this is what they mean regedit right?

after that, what should i do??i never use regedit before?


Try the following:
1 - Open the Setup.exe file located in the folder of Ragnarok
2 - Click on OK

If the problem persisted, your computer has the minimum requirements to run the Ragnarok?
Do not forget DirectX or something?
You can check the settings of your computer like this:
1 - Start -> Run
2 - Type winmsd

This happens with the official server too?

Excuse me, but did not give myself very well in English... Could you speak as clearly as possible?

Tente fazer o seguinte:
1 - Abra o arquivo Setup.exe localizado na pasta do Ragnarok
2 - Clique em OK

Se o problema persisti, o seu computador tem os requerimentos mínimos para rodar o Ragnarok?
Não se esqueceu do DirectX ou algo do gênero?
Você pode verificar as configurações do seu computador assim:
1 - Iniciar -> Executar
2 - Digite winmsd

Isso acontece com o servidor oficial também?

Desculpe-me, mas não me dou muito bem no inglês... Poderia falar da forma mais clara possível?


If you don't know what is regedit, I advice to not touch it.
If you edit it the wrong place, you can end with windows damaged in some occasions.
If you still want to do it at your own risk, first create a restoration point just in case you make something wrong.
After the restoration point is done:
QuoteOpen Regedit and search for:
32-bit Win OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Gravity Soft\Ragnarok
64-bit Win OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Gravity Soft\Ragnarok
Right click > New > DWORD type > HEIGHT > Select the Decimal option for Base, Enter values with double click, then click Okay.
Right click > New > DWORD type > WIDTH > Select the Decimal option for Base, Enter values with double click, then click Okay.
Basically, what you're doing is to add the 2 files that I show in red boxs in the following picture:

You just have to right click at that folder[the place where is the files and where I show the 2 red boxs] and you will see something as "NEW >". After that is just choose DWORD according your OS and type the name+values that you want with Decimal as option chosen. In my case I've 1280x800 as you can see in the brackets at both files so it's 1280 for WIDTH and 800 for HEIGHT.

If the Regedit way may be confuse or you're scared that you can do something bad and damage your pc, I advice you to try the ROExt solution. It's just a replace of 1 file plus adding another and you can edit everything there, at the ini file.