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Started by cown, Feb 05, 2011, 10:42 AM

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I had installed on my computer RAG_SETUP0923, which its pretty old. I was having trouble playing, so i unistalled all rag from my computer and downloaded RAG_SETUP0909, the most recent setup that i found.

BUT when the instalation ended it appeared some .dll error file and it closed up, so i couldnt copy the name, but it was something with symbols (unreadable). When i click on the rag icon to start the patch it redirects me to the korean ragnarok website (, and nothing happens. This goes on and on, if I reinstall or whatever.

Then i uninstalled again ragnarok and installed the 0923 setup, and its patching.. but its oooooold, so its taking a pretty long time. So anyone knows what is this? This redirecting to the korean website and not being able to even open the patch?


Get 01-05-2011 kRO Client Folder

Read instruction in full if you want to patch successfully.  Not sure where you got a 0909 ...


i googled it and got it at some website... :b

so, i've downloaded all 12 files but im confused about the extracting part..
I've extracted ro01052011_data.grf.part1, then i was gonna extract ro01052011_data.grf.part2 but
it asked me if i wanted to replace the file because "the following file already exists".. then again with part 2-7.
so is it just part 1? i don't get it... (sorry :x)


Yes, when you extract part 1 it will automatically look for the other parts to marge them.  As long as you have the 7 parts in the same folder, you only need to extract part 1 to get the data.grf.