Help!! I can't start RO, Load Errors!

Started by SkaRat, May 16, 2007, 11:27 PM

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Whenever I try to load EuphRO, after the patcher does its thing, I click on start game

Then you see the window (the one that the game plays in) come up, then it dissapears and acts like it did nothing.

So I try to load Sakray to see if thats the problem.

after the autopatcher does its thing, I click on the button to load up the game, and I get this error Message:

"Load MapInfoTable Failed!"

SO then I try to open kRO, to see if thats the problem.

After the autopatcher does its thing, loads up the window eith a complete white backround, then I get this Error message:

"Audio System Init Failed"

SO out of desperation I try Sakray again, it goes through the autopatcher, gameguard does its thing, then it loads up a white screen just like with Rag, then gives me the same audio system error message.

What do I do? I've already uninstalled, then Reinstalled. I didnt restart in between though, Would that change anything?

Please help. This has happened to me before on a different computer, and I was never able to play on that pc again. I dont want it to happen on this one too. ='[ 


what operating system are u using? RO has problems on ME that i know of. ive never heard of problems like that before so its all i can suggest.


I've never heard of these errors. You sure you installed it all correctly. Also have you tried asking EuphRO moderators/admins?
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I just googled for it and got couple nice results.


I use XP, and I know I installed it correctly, because I was playing a week ago. I've been playing on that computer for like 3 or 4 months already, and i stoped playing for like 4 days because of school, then next thing I know it doesnt work.

There were some problems with RAM consumption on my pc, and my dad was messing around with it, but he said he didnt touch anything in the gravity folder.



reinstall your sakray over top of it and then repatch more than likely you are missing prolly just a registry setting but as far as the load mapinfotable failed your missing a file in the grf anywayz meaning that you will have to reinstall