Patch Your RO Before You Cry For Help

Started by yC, Jun 10, 2011, 10:36 AM

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Over 50% of the problems brought up in this section could be solved by simply patching your RO client.

So when you want to create a new topic asking why your client crash or why you get sprite error.  PATCH RO FIRST.

At the moment the patchers we recommend to update your RO clients are rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe and rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe simply because the kRO patchers will no longer patch you without a kRO server login.

You can get the RSU patchers in almost every [link] page in our download section:

Remember you have to run the patchers to keep you RO updated regularly.  


This should be included as a tips.

For those that are getting Failed to retrieve ... during patching, download the failed file straight form Gravity's ftp:          <- link might change over time if this need updating let me know

Put the downloaded file in your RO folder, at the same level as the rsu patcher then patch again.  When the patcher reaches the file it will not fail anymore.  Repeat for other failed files.