Newbie need help please .

Started by Se7en, Jan 13, 2010, 07:50 AM

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Hi , good morning and afternoon . well I kind of very weak on computer stuff and no 1 of my friends is playing any RO games . So i decide to need help for senior or good people . Well i just download the the latest kRO on 0923setup if i am not wrong , after then i been trying 2 days to keep patching the ragnarok.exe but keep on fail and freezing . Example 2009-9-30**blahblah ??????? ???????? and any1 tell me wat to do ?? i keep searching for the manual patch and i found the kRO patch list from eAthena . But still wont work ... need a good suggestion . Maybe this subject have been post but or maybe i cant found it so pls reply ASAP .


the kRO patcher is fine, I just done patching with ragnarok.exe.  You don't see the download progress bar at all?

After all the patches are downloaded you have to wait for the patch files to add to the grf, it might slow down your computer during the time when it's repacking.  Be patient and wait it out, i think that might be your experience of the freezing.  Because are you downloading the patches from September to January the repacking must take longer than ever.