Need HELP in Resolution

Started by squire14, Apr 12, 2013, 03:47 AM

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Im running on Windows 8 32bit.
please see attachment below.
Done adjusting the regedit, height is already set to 960 and width to 1280.
still no good, still somekinda 800x600 or the default one.
All files are up to date, uninstall installed files not fixing the problem.
Tried downloading 5x different ro10012012_dll still not fixing the problem.
And still I cannot set the changes of the resolution.
Can anyone help me?



Just saying that while it may be somewhat a solution, it's through the use of AHK. That's a macro software so any server with Harmony, Magnum or any of the other type of software available will block the use of it, so beware of that in case it fail.

Also, did you tried everything in here? It will also help us to provide the best support in this.