need a big help over here.

Started by scared, Aug 10, 2014, 01:55 PM

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im using windows 8.
AV - windows defender (real time protection)

i dont know what just happen but.
i already tried my best to fix it.
but i failed.

so my problem is.
in any server i installed(envy wicked lighting reloaded burning ro).
patch and installation are fine.
but when it comes to START GAME(button).
it will just loading(mouse loading) then nothing will appear.
no client.
no launcher.
no Hshield.
just nothing

help please.
i cant live w.out ro.
Need NEW server 300 to 999 TRANS.
PVP SERVER for fun.
FLOATING RATE or mvp card drop rate 30% up.
thanks for reading.


I'm guessing it's something to do with your anti-virus.
Try disabling your anti-virus for 5 minutes then run your client to see if it's the actual problem.


Windows defender is not an AV, it's a firewall. Microsoft security essentials [or whatever was the name of the thing that I uninstalled as soon as I got this new laptop] is and it sucks at 100% [you can google for reasons], grab a better one like AVG, Avast or Kaspersky.


I got this problem aswell,
and i dont even have a AntiVir installed, bc i deinstalled it for checking if it is the reason why nothing works.

To Threadowner: Can u play again? and what was the reason?
To all others: Somone another idea for solving this problem?


There are a bunch of reasons why the client wont startup in Win8.

The common troubleshooting I know of are,
Plugging in your audio speakers/headphone (I know it sounds crazy but it's a stupid realtek driver issue)
Changing the compatibility mode in the properties for the .exe files
Running as Admin (wouldn't recommend it since it isn't a real fix but it works for a few)
Add all the .exe files in RO to the UAC (User Account Control)