My Rag.exe is not responding while loading screen. PLEASE HELP ME !

Started by revelation09, Oct 11, 2022, 09:00 AM

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PLEASE HELP ME !!! /sob /sob /sob

I have the problem and its so disturbing,
My first and second character of every ragnarok client have the problem while the loading screen.
It takes around 10 seconds till the normal condition ( u can check my video below )
I have checked on task manager, when screen was loading, my rag.exe is not responding.
FYI, my third, fourth, and etc is normal, just my first and second..

Please help me :(


Just to put a note here if others got similar problem, new computer is the answer xD after our discord discussion.
Since the OP tried on a different computer and it was fine. 

I'd also suggest try a new install of RO or use the server's full client in a new folder.
RO is an old game but it's grossly unoptimized, high end video card would not help it, better cpu and hard drive speed might help a bit.