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Started by freeza, Jan 14, 2015, 11:36 PM

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is it possible to see the life bars of players in pvp/woe ?

gm and staffs in our server can see that but normal players cant

thanks  /ok


Probably yes but NOT SO SURE ABOUT THIS.
Setting the minimum gm level to see hp life to 1
and making the default gm level on creation to 1.
of course it will make all players to gm level 1


Using the normal ways no, either you need to go with 3pp or with server side modifications, aside that all that you can probably do is to have something as RCX that add your damage to a bar to give you an idea of the damage already given.

Since this will probably end with questions about 3pp and RMS doesn't support them, I'm afraid that I've to lock it.

PS - Any GM or Admin can see the HP bar of players if it's setup to be like that in the client files, it's not an exclusivity of any server.