kRO Clients 1210 (10th December 2008)

Started by The__Android, Dec 18, 2008, 10:50 AM

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 i installed just rag_setup1210.exe by it's self nothing else.

just to make sure let it patch launched it and i got the same error.

i installed sak_setup1210.exe to see if i got the file or re-written code just to make sure and then i patched them

launched the game game guard does it's thing and poof screen goes black then back to desktop critical error.

this had nothing to do with the private server it wasn't even installed this time.

the torrent download and the parts 1-4 downloads are missing somthing i think.

been playing private servers for years.

i always installed ragnarok install exe then sakaray- then patch ragnarok and then i patch sakary

its been programed into my  head/habbit

only way i can play ragnarok now are private servers that have there full Downloader..


The torrent link , i'm sure its 100% working because i already download this kRO Ragnarok 1210 (not the sakray) using that torrent link & installed it + play it now.... Slow but worth because i don't have premium acc for megaupload, & filefront ....

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well,i must ask....."must".....becoz.....i olredi have SAK and RAG SETUPS....if i have them olredi,do i need to install RAGNAROK from lgravity too?coz when i run the SAKRAY i  have juz says a unexpected error has occured.....y is that sO?


I AM new i need sakray and ragnarok to play or only sakray and the runtime files??????

(only have sakray part 1 downloading part2)....
Posted on: Mar 15, 2009, 07:22 am
do i need to have ragnarok and sakray to play in my server..????

(only ahve sakray part1 downloading part 2)


yes, in 75% of the cases you need both rag and sak
but there are a few few few servers that can run off pure sak

it'd be best to ask your server



they should have a server forums or IRC


what does teh server tell me when i need both sak and rag?????



the torrents and adrive links are broken...

anyone has the torrents for kro and sak 1210??



Torrent link broken, "Problem loading page".