how to install Ragnarok 01-03-2007 ? dun have .exe ...

Started by lehtung, Mar 27, 2007, 08:04 AM

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Did you pick a server?

Most servers provide thier own guides to install ragnarok. Though this is not a ragnarok server, just a forums promoting servers.

If you did pick a server....
Did you goto the server homepage and download everything? (kRO, Sakray, Server package)

I really don't feel like writing a guide on how to install something. But I will if you really need it... Please reply if you've currently done the following two steps.
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urm .. i'm currently not yet picked a server , but the previous version isn't there was an .exe file and other file in .rar ? and install using the .exe file , then my question is how to install this version of rag and sak ..


i think you are talking about ...

well you should download all parts, and run part 1 to combine all parts into an exe then intall the exe


First you need to download the Exe's... Depending where you get them from it might be in pieces in *.rar files. If so.. you'll need to download all the pieces, highlight them all, right click and say extract here. It should automatically combine all the pieces if you have them all highlighted.

Though if you don't have an unzipping program, you should download winRAR... So that you can extract the .exe

After thatl its like any other install, just the buttons are in korean really, just guess wich one is 'next' and install away.
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Or you could just... download from this site

There are no parts involved, just two installers,  download RAG_SETUP0103 and SAKRAY_SETUP0103

The numbers represent, january 3rd of 2007 so you know its the latest sakray and kRO.

Once you have downloaded RAG and SAK, install them into the same directory.  Default directory is C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO  , you can select your own directory... but be sure to install them into the same folder.

Once you have installed both, please proceed to the website of a private server you wish to play "example:  httP://  ",  go to their downloads page and download their client and install it to the same folder.  Do not re-download sakray/rag from them, since you already have it.  Just download their smaller download... which should be about 4MB-16MB in total.

If you have not selected a private server yet,  I suggest risero =3


Nice advertising Mewi, Lol. I only mentioned the part of rar files because he mentioned them mind you. I was under the assumption he downloaded the rar version, and could figure out how to install it because it was not the exe.
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