Help in Running RO

Started by AcoTan, Aug 22, 2007, 04:42 PM

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Recently got RO on my laptop, but doesnt seem to run. It can patch and stuff but the game window wont open. Then I thought it could be Vista, and followed the modification steps given on the iRO website but still doesnt work. Can anyone help?


I have the exact same problem right now. What server are you playing?  check your task manager and see if there is a process running for the server.

Edit: After someone helped me, I was able to conclude that the korean patcher is to blame.  Are you using sakray or KRO?  If you are using sakray, delete it and download KRO only.  I am not sure where to find it, but you should try downloading the offical korean game, then the server you need.  Patch everything and try again.


i have laptop running vista and ro doesn't have a problem with it.  Can't help but just sharing my experience.