HELP fix my problem pls

Started by deatharte, Dec 18, 2013, 07:10 AM

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To those who have experienced this similar problem which I am experiencing right now pls kindly help me fix it. The problem is " Illegal GRF modification detected ". With this problem I can use skill, but I can't move nor attack. I did not put any modified grf, I downloaded teh latest sakray and kro, installed it then patched successfully. Then after that I downloaded the installer of a certain private server then I copy+paste the ro files of that private server to the clean SAKRAY and KRO that I have. When I start the game, it works fine but when I appear in the game it says "Illegal grf modification detected, Please remove any modified grf thenrestart the game. You can't attack" after some seconds my game forces to close.

Please help me solve my problem. Thx in advance


Hmm. Check your Data.ini inside your RO folder. Make sure the grfs listed has the same pattern as below


If there are other grfs in your data.ini other than the 3 grfs, you should remove it then try again. I am not sure if it will work, but you wont lose anything if you give it a try. /no1


This is an issue related to Harmony so the best to do is to ask the staff of the server you play in their forum/support ticket system/etc what to do since you claim that are not using anything that goes against their rules.


If the data.ini solution didn't work

You can also check your Data folder like this:

1. Go to your previously installed RO folder(the one having the issue) and look for sprite folder in its data folder.
2. If you see a sprite folder there, delete it. If not then this solution won't work for you so stop reading.
3. Get RO Server files by installing it on a fresh folder, do not overwrite or install it over a KRO yet.
4. Go to data folder and see if there are any sprite folder.
5. If you see any, just copy paste that sprite folder to the other RO folder's data(the one having the grf mod issue)

Another thing, lilsword said remove any other grfs on your data.ini. But if you see hdata.grf in there, that is most likely needed to be on the #1 in the data.ini , do not delete it, that will give you more problem.

Also chances are your PrivateRO is using a renamed DATA.ini, it can be LATA.ini or whatever they named it, you'll have to ask them to make sure, or check their lite installer, but really just ask them. I recommend asking the RO server itself regarding what should be inside the Data.ini, they should know it best, unless...


thx for the reply guys, ill try these and hope it fix my prob..thx again