Game does not open

Started by Stream22, Oct 29, 2009, 05:07 AM

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i'm having a problem with the game where it opens and then closes without the login screen loading with no gravity error
when i open the setup some of the options are blank and can't be changed

It used to work however i stopped playing around 3 months ago but i never uninstalled it

i have also read other topics with the same problem where it said to reinstall my graphics driver, i did that but no change

please help me i really want to get back onto ro


If the very top drop-down is blank, then yeah, it's a graphics problem; you should have at least Direct3D HAL there. Mine looks like this:

(Right-click to enlarge)

If yours doesn't look like that, then it's definitely a graphics issue. If it looks like that, then I don't know what to do tell you.


My Setup looks like this :

and i have re-installed my graphics drivers as well as ragnarok but it still doesn't work

it kinda sucks I've been played since beta and it suddenly stops working


Yeah, that's a graphics card issue. Does AIDA32 show you have a graphics card at all? Are you sure you updated your graphics card with the correct driver?


yes my graphics card is working perfectly and my driver is fully updated to the latest of it's version



Very odd x.x I don't have anymore ideas; updating my driver fixed my issue from before. Hopefully someone else can be of more assistance.