Gepard UID Code

Started by rosopaej, Jun 15, 2022, 12:47 PM

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Does anyone have any idea about the picture shown below?

Tried to play ragnarok again and after patching the patcher this error code shows up. /hmm /hmm /hmm


It is best to ask at the server that you are trying to get on.  If you aren't trying to run the game with any third party hacks or making edit to the game files.


I tried asking the admin's/dev but they all have no idea about it. I already disabled my firewall,  windows defender and i don't have any anti virus installed.

There isn't anything on google about it as well.  Tried 4 different servers already


do you have windows visual c++ 2013 and 2015-22 installed? i think that prevented me in the past once from playing the game for a while after reinstalling windows.. dont think i had a gepard error tho... but maybe it helps

here is a link just the x86 versions