ragnarok error

Started by unxpctd, Nov 05, 2016, 07:22 PM

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With the following files and text content Ragnarok Official Website -> Support -> Contact Us to submit your comments by:

build date: Jul 30 2013
build time: 20:55:39
E:\PC Games\ragnarok\data\ragnarok.20161106071542.dmp

Please help me !


We can't help with this error message, it tells nothing.  If you are playing on the official server you may do as it said.


Please help me what should i do .. i already patch kro, tnx!


This only tell us your client crashed, first place to get support on these issue is ask the server that you are playing on.  Because they composed the client package and will likely know the common issues.


it is best if you will download their full client to avoid errors and mixing it up to other pservers