Fun with an Old YARE Server

Started by oldinroplayer, Apr 28, 2023, 08:47 AM

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Tried compiling and running an old YARE codebase and had some fun with the old client interface. Details in the thread at rA forums. Screenshots:

Even the old Openkore kinda works (if you ignore the Unknown Packet warnings):
EDIT: Openkore now works flawlessly with new recvpackets.txt attached (generated using JCV's RO Tools and then manually corrected lengths)


YARE was like a 2004~2008 thing that competed with eAthena?


Yeah, files on the server side are from mid to late 2003. The client is early 2003. Here's an excerpt from the earliest part of the server codebase version history/changelog:

2003-05-27 Mra
    * Added partially support for kro headgears.
    * Translated GM-Commands and added !hide command



I would like to do the same, but I can't find old full clients.

Could you archive yours somewhere like please?

Thank you!


I've already included the link to the original rAthena forum post. The client and server files are available there.