kRO Client extracting problem

Started by JakeGFX, Sep 08, 2012, 03:47 PM

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When I extract data file. You know that file where is split into many parts in 04142012 file.
When I reach 'ro04142012_data.grf.part06.rar'. I get the CRC error. Screenshot :
I keep redownloading it. By download manager, by internet explorer , by chrome. I give up. I even try mediafire and sendspace and jelly.
It just doesn't work. Is there a fix for this, or is it just me? I really want to get back to RO. So if anyone can help me quick. I would be very delightful.


The file has been downloaded at least a thousand times and they are hosted on a number of different sources.  Chances of all of them just gone bad over night is probably low. 

Did you try the one part 1.5gb data.grf?  You can find the links at the end of the first download table, there are 3 sources to it.  If you have an okay connection that doesn't d/c a lot you could try that.


I don't want the complete's one because all of that link you have to pay to get the full speed. I prefer mediafire and sendspace, they have no download limit. Can you somehow upload it in mediafire? I just can't. Maybe somehow fix the broken link, I think.



Those are the only 3 hosts that allows me to upload a file bigger than 1gb~, I think one of that already turned my the file into premium only I'll remove that first link later.

About the file, I don't think all 7 or 8 hosts decided to corrupt the file overnight.  The files have been downloaded by many others without problem.  I can't do much if none of the links work for you.


nope. I meant that only part 6 has file corruption. The rest works.


I remember having had this problem too, but opon choosing a different program to extract the files it worked for me. o.o
You might want to try another program, too.


it happened on me also. feels like i want to give up hehe.
but mine CRC appear on part02 . then i delete it all and download it again. but it moves to part1
its broken.. now im currently downloading the 1.5gb grf. hope it works..
there no problem with the other file