Adding Custom Job on RE Client

Started by lordmisuke, May 19, 2012, 01:35 AM

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is there any possibility to add new class using lua?
because im using beginner eathena and i already created new one custom job on the server but on the client i dont know how please help me or tell me if it not possible please help

Triper forum is better suited for that imo since we don't help here with things about making a server.


i already go there but no body wants to help me please help me with this by the way i think my client called RE something like that how to create one im search for month but no body help me and my friend tell me that is site can help with this kind of problem hope can someone help can help me please


First of all, using beginner eathena is bad when mixed with newer things. You should start to learn how to properly setup a server and start from there.

2nd I never tried to make one so I can't help much either in that part but based from what I know, lua files can't be used alone for that.
I think you need to do edits on source and some of the db files and then add the correspondent files on lua for skills info and related things.


sir i already compile all in the server and works perfectly my problem how to use compile it to RE client  /sob


The guides found on eA and rA wikis are for x-ray clients.  I believe you are chasing something that isn't documented, you are sadly on your own.


thank you for your help guys i should turn Client into xray  /sob but thank you so much


Don't do that. Try to investigate a bit more/made some tries/etc because X-Ray sucks and worse then a outdated renewal client.

I know that someone from cronus or brathena made that already and even showed that he was able to do some sort of GUI that made it able to change/make from zero classes/skills/mobs with a few clicks but unfortunately I think he decided to not share his work since he had a server to manage too.